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IK4 participates in Tecnun’s 24th Employment Forum Fair

02/23/2017 |<img src="http://www.ik4.es//imgmedios/Foro-empleo-Tecnun-ajustada080320170900290258.jpg" /> The 24th edition of the Employment Forum of Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarre, was held on the Ibaeta campus in Donostia-San Sebastian on 23 and 24 February. The IK4 R&D Alliance participated in this event that aims to bring the needs of the market together with those of job seekers.

70 companies and R&D centres gave presentations, interviews and engaged in recruitment processes geared towards employability, end-of-studies dissertations and work experience. The event was attended by over 300 students.

This year’s edition of the Tecnun Employment Forum focussed on generic or transversal competences that this school regards as increasingly important and which are being demanded by the labour market. Specifically, these are capabilities linked to relational abilities, personal effectiveness and self-governance, among other things.

The IK4 centres are particularly interested in people with degrees and Master’s degrees in Industrial, Automation, Mechanical, and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Materials and Chemistry, and Physical Sciences. The Alliance also attaches importance to a commitment to research, an orientation towards team and project work and a command of English.

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