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IK4 will offer 25 PhD places to train specialised workers.

05/01/2017 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/image007.png' data-link='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/image007.png'/> The contracted professionals will undertake their thesis whilst developing R&D+I projects in the Alliance centres. The initiative aims to provide them with excellent preparation in key technologies for the development of Basque industry. As well as developing knowledge, the Alliance wants to help alleviate the shortage of specialists with high technology qualification.

(Eibar, May 2017) - Engineers, chemists, computer experts and physicists, among other graduates, will have the opportunity to undertake a doctoral thesis whilst developing R&D+i projects in IK4's technology centres. This year the technology centres that comprise the Technology Alliance will offer 25 places for graduates who wish to undertake their doctoral theses in the centres. With this initiative, the Technology Alliance centres aim to boost their capacity for innovation by developing their knowledge, and to train workers with a high professional specialisation in key technologies for the development of Basque industry.

This is the second edition of the initiative, for which the candidate selection period is open until October. Further details about the programme are available at http://doctorados.ik4.es/en/. The websites of the IK4 centres and the Alliance will have links to this website.

IK4 considers a high level of training and the specialisation of professionals as essential for meeting the needs of a business environment that requires the latest technological advances to be able to compete successfully in the market. Not surprisingly, currently 28% of the 1,443 workers within the Alliance are doctors.

"Markets are becoming increasingly global and, hence, more demanding." We need greater capabilities to be able to help Basque companies meet their challenges, and it is therefore essential to have more highly trained profiles", explains the General Director of IK4, José Miguel Erdozain.

We must consider that the Basque job market has a deficit of personnel trained specifically for jobs that require high qualification and technological expertise.
In this respect, the IK4's initiative also aims to strengthen the capacities of the surrounding industrial sector: the organisation often acts as a "talent pool" for Basque companies, since many of those trained through IK later go on to work in the companies.

"This helps us to keep the best-trained people in the country, expand their expertise and give them the possibility to provide their skills to our industrial fabric, so we help strengthen the competitiveness of the country and avoid our young people having to go abroad for job opportunities", says Erdozain.

Evaluation by a PhD student

This is the second edition of this initiative which was launched last year. Laura Arregui, a Physics graduate, was among those who accessed the programme last year. She is undertaking, in the IK4-TEKNIKER centre, a doctoral thesis on a technique for building metal parts for the aeronautical sector by means of additive manufacturing.

This PhD student gave a very positive evaluation of her experience: "the courses I received from TEKNIKER-IK4, the instruments available to me, and my colleagues' willingness to help enable me to acquire substantial knowledge in the field of materials engineering".

She also believes that the training and experience she is acquiring will prove very beneficial for the future: "a technology centre opens more doors for you once you've finished the thesis: it gives you a more global view of the industry around you, you can explore other fields apart from your own work, and it allows you to continue along a pure research route or an industrial one" she says.

The conditions

Those who wish to undertake their thesis at the IK4 centres must have a higher university degree or an official master's degree to gain access to the PhD programme, as well as an advanced level of English. In addition to the specific requirements of each position, the candidates' research vocation will also be taken into account.

The deadline for completing the projects will be 3 years, during which time the professionals will have a work placement contract, although this may be extended by one year if considered appropriate by the technology centre.

At the end of this period the student must present their dissertation.

Each of the IK4 centres will post their offers on the aforementioned website and will evaluate the applications received. Once the selection is made, a contract of employment for the duration of the PhD will be drawn up.

About IK4

The IK4 technological alliance brings together nine Basque technology centres (AZTERLAN, CEIT, CIDETEC, GAIKER, IDEKO, IKERLAN, LORTEK, TEKNIKER and VICOMTECH) to promote the generation, acquisition and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to help improve the competitiveness of companies and the progress of society.


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