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Water treatment in the food industry: a sector of opportunity

10/19/2017 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/2017-10-19-11.50.53-B.jpg' data-link=""' /> As well as being a source of life, water is a necessary raw material for a multitude of processes in the agrifood industry. The use of this vital element requires the implementation of efficient strategies for carrying out water treatment and purification in a way that respects the environment.

In this context, on 19 October the IK4 Technology Alliance held a conference that analysed the development of new technologies and solutions aimed at purifying water in a safe, clean and economical way.

Entitled ‘Wastewater treatment in the food industry: new opportunities’, the conference brought together 65 people in the main building of Zamudio Science and Technology Park.

The speeches addressed the current technological situation of water treatment, analysed the circular economy strategies applied to its management in this industry, and explored the business opportunities generated in this area.

The event was attended by food sector company Riberebro-Gvtarra, and Suez, a company specialised in water treatment and waste management. Both companies shared their experience, future lines of work and their expectations for the future.

In addition, researchers from the technology centres CEIT-IK4 and GAIKER-IK4 presented new technologies and processes for resource recovery.

Meanwhile, the director of the Basque Food Cluster, Jon Ander Egaña, and his counterpart Kristina Apiñaniz in Aclima, the Basque Environment Cluster, shared their strategic plans and gave concrete examples of the circular economy in the food industry.

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