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IK4 at the 10th edition of the Be Basque Talent event for attracting talent

11/11/2017 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/IK4_BeBasqueTalent.jpg' data-link=""' /> Basque research entities, industrial companies and technology centres are tackling the difficulty of attracting and retaining highly qualified professionals that can adapt to production environments subjected to the constant changes demanded by the new paradigm of the digital industry, a scenario that requires versatility, flexibility, foreign contact and continuous learning.

As part of its commitment to talent, the IK4 Technology Alliance was prominent at the 10th edition of the Be Basque Talent conference, held on 11 November in Munich.


The event, which brought together numerous organisations and companies from the Basque Country, provided aspace in which Basque researchers and highly qualified professionals working in other countries could meet.


Alliance experts travelled to Munich to take part in several sessions and talks included in the programme of the event organised by Bizkaia Talent, a tool of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia aimed at promoting the attraction of highly qualified people to form part of the innovation process in the Basque Country.


Through talks, roundtable discussions, interviews and meetings to promote networking, the event made it possible for participants to learn about the functioning of strategic economic sectors in other countries and for companies attending the event to offer their career plans to emigrated professionals who wish to return.


Be Basque Talent is a space that seeks to promote cooperation and to establish links between professionals and companies so that the former can learn about the current socioeconomic situation and theperspective for scientific and technological development, objectives that are aligned with the K4 Alliance’s strategic plans for attracting talent.

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