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IK4 analyses competitiveness and future challenges to the transport industry in Europe

02/15/2018 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/escore.jpg' data-link=""' /> Assessing the competitiveness of the European transport industry, analysing the progress of research applied to this sector and anticipating future tendencies account for the thrusts of Project SCORE, an initiative in which the IK4 Technological Alliance has participated, focused on drawing lines of comparison between the leading European stakeholders and their international competitors.

The conference closing 18 months of work will be held in Brussels next 15 March, to present the final project results and promote the exchange of knowledge.

The event, to be attended by IK4, will serve to disseminate the conclusions of SCORE (Scoreboard of Competitiveness of the European Transport Manufacturing Industry), classified by the modes of transport chosen for the study: automotive, aerospace, railway and naval transport.

The encounter will be attended by the Industrial Advisory Board of the initiative, representatives of the European Commission and diverse stakeholders, who will have the chance to share and debate the project results with the coordinators of other initiatives, as well as with outstanding players of the European Technology Platforms.

In addition, the event will reveal the recommendations made by specialists, as well as the responses to the survey conducted among distinguished experts on the different transport types in Europe.

Since it began in October 2016, SCORE has sought to evaluate and forecast how R+D advances, new technological developments and future changes in demand ‒ along with geopolitical and geo-economic factors ‒ will affect the competitive position of the transport manufacturing industry.

The initiative, which has analysed progression and delineated tendencies towards a 20-to-30-year horizon, has made it possible to prepare several scenarios for comparing the competitive evolution of each industrial segment.

The results have been reflected in a scoreboard or rating table that clearly shows the current and future competitive position of the European industry in comparison with its rivals on the world scale.

Those interested in learning about the project conclusions have up to 19 February to register for the event by sending an e-mail to the SCORE coordinator, Konstantin Konrad: Konstantin.Konrad@vdivde-it.de.

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