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IK4 Sponsors Donostia Tech Week

05/07/2018 |<img src=' http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/donostiatech.jpg' data-link=""' /> In line with its commitment to scientific and technological development, the IK4 Alliance is sponsoring Donostia Tech Week, a forum that will assemble outstanding agents in the field of innovation, technology and digital transformation at the Kursaal Palace in the Guipuzcoan capital from the 9th to the 11th of this month.

Through a programme of presentations and round tables, for three days Donostia will become a venue in which to learn, share and search for new solutions to the technological challenges of the future.

The event programme is structured around topics such as innovation, digital marketing and talent training, with the aim of showcasing the potential of the innovative local technological ecosystem, contributing solutions to accelerate digital transformation and opening new business channels.

IK4 representatives will participate actively in the presentations, where they will share the capacities of the Alliance in the field of blockchain technologies, the system revolutionising the internet through data structures whereby the information contained is grouped into blocks to which metadata are added.

Moreover, the Alliance will present its bid for training, retaining and recruiting qualified talent and its commitment to promoting scientific vocation in that section of the congress addressing new professional profiles.

Focused on technological transfer to the market, the IK4 Alliance promotes the generation of scientific knowledge, the development of solutions equipped with the latest technological advances, and the continuous training of human capital as mechanisms for ensuring the competitiveness of Basque companies and their positioning at the forefront of innovation.

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