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IK4 exhibits several food sector solutions on Euskadi Food Cluster Day

05/17/2018 |<img src=' http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/cluster-opt.jpg' data-link=""' /> The IK4 Alliance, through GAIKER-IK4 and IK4-TEKNIKER, its technological centres, presented a part of its technological offer oriented to the food and farming sectors at the Eguna 2018 Cluster, held by the Euskadi Food Cluster last 17 May.

The event, which served to introduce the principal novelties in the sector, analyse the challenges of the future and strengthen collaboration, had an exhibition area where GAIKER-IK4 displayed the prototype of a portable, single-use rapid detection kit for salmonella and listeria that does not require specialised know-how or installations to use.

Moreover, the research institution presented its capabilities in developing functional foods, analysing nutraceuticals, and advanced packaging technologies.

On its side, IK4-TEKNIKER displayed its technological offer to develop multi-purpose surfaces as applied to the food sector. The Eibar institution presented surface finish samples that add more functions to components and parts manufactured for the food sector, such as anti-bacterial, water-resistant, non-imprinting or steam-proof properties, or properties that distribute additives by encapsulation.

The technological centre also brought along an Atten2 demonstrator – this is a spin-off devoted to developing integrated sensors for continuously monitoring fluids, enabling the detection of undesirable elements in a fluid and measuring some of its quality parameters.

IK4-TEKNIKER likewise presented its capacities in developing sensors that enable non-destructive real-time product inspection and measurement to determine the ripeness of fruit or the alcoholic grading of wine during fermentation, among other applications.

In addition, it exhibited a new electrochemical device to detect small molecules, such as pesticides and allergens, through enzyme inhibition.

Focused on technological transfer to the market, the IK4 Alliance promotes the generation of scientific knowledge and the development of solutions equipped with the latest technological advances for ensuring the competitiveness of Basque companies and their positioning at the forefront of innovation.

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