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IK4 presents its technological offer for machine tools and Industry 4.0 at the BIEMH

05/24/2018 |<img src=' http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/gral-planta2-b-opt.jpg' data-link=""' /> The seven centres comprising the Technological Alliance will enjoy an outstanding presence at the Machine Tool Biennale, to be held from 28 May to 1 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. The research institutions will avail of exhibition spaces in the fairgrounds, where they will display their value proposals for promoting industrial competitiveness.

Eibar, 24 May 2018. The seven centres comprising the IK4 Technological Alliance will present their latest solutions and developments for the field of industrial digitisation, machine tools and advanced manufacturing processes at the next edition of the Machine Tool Biennale (BIEMH), to be held from 28 May to 1 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre.

Focused on the transfer of technologies to the market, the IK4 centres will exhibit their capacities in developing innovative solutions to respond to the challenges of the industrial fabric in the context of the Biennale and the Addit3D Forum – the additive manufacturing fair to be held in parallel to the machine tool event – thus contributing to its competitive edge.

They will display a diversified technological offer oriented to advanced manufacturing, a strategic sphere of activity to Basque industry, holding considerable weight in the more technologically advanced countries with great innovation components. 

The technological centre AZTERLAN will present its 4.0 solutions for the metal mechanics industry at the BIEMH. The metallurgical research centre, which will be at the Basque Industry 4.0 stand sharing exhibition space with other organisations, will bring along the SENTINEL platform, a smart predictive system for metallurgical transformation processes.

Developed by the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technological Solutions teams of IK4-AZTERLAN, SENTINEL is a tool capable of running multi-variable analyses of over 600 parameters involved in the metallurgical transformation process of any cast component.

On its side, CEIT comes to the BIEMH with an integrated technological offer that includes a multi-variable on-line quality control system capable of automatically inspecting components and a control system designed to measure and manage wear on parts for the paper-making sector.

Moreover, the centre will display its capabilities in additive manufacturing, enhanced reality and virtual reality. In this latter field, CEIT will present a SIMFAL demonstrator, a project enabling the swift, dynamic modification of manufacturing environments, allowing industry to cut down on production times and optimise adjustment processes.

IDEKO will present its bid for industrial digitisation and its latest novelties in technologies for producing high-added-value textured surfaces at the Biennale.

The Elgoibar centre will also bring along a new multi-camera viewing system to increase precision in automated processes and a technology for creating moulds for the foundry industry based on Industry 4.0 concepts. In addition, it will exhibit its competitive smart tool, INNGUMA.

Meanwhile, IKERLAN will present IKERLAN KONNEKT, its family of digitising solutions for industrial company products and services. 

The Arrasate centre will make use of successful implementation cases in reference Basque companies such as Fagor Arrasate, Orona or Ikusi to present its 4.0 value proposal, representing a sum total of know-how in handling integrated digitising projects that place it at the forefront of integrated solutions in key technologies like sensor implantation, connectivity, IoT, cloud computing, big data or data analytics.

TEKNIKER will present its new developments for advanced manufacture in machine tools at the fair, placing special emphasis on its Laser for Manufacturing Lab initiative. 

This global solution based on laser technologies and their different applications, addresses all the processes linked to advanced manufacturing and provides complete solutions supported by the specialised integrated know-how that the Eibar centre avails of in this field. 

At the Addit3 forum – a professional fair in additive manufacturing and 3D printing to be held in the same premises as the BIEMH – the GAIKER technological centre will present its offer in additive technology, plastics and composites. 

The centre will display its main lines of work in developing new functional materials and composites, adapting traditional polymer-based materials to 3D printing, and combining additive manufacture with the development of products and processes, along with other mould and shutter technologies. 

Lastly, LORTEK, which will share the exhibition space with GAIKER, will present its technological capabilities in the additive manufacture of metals using advanced techniques, such as selective laser melting (SLM), laser metal deposition (LMD) or wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM).

The centre will also exhibit its speciality in non-destructive NDT inspection systems and process monitoring and control.

About IK4

The IK4 technological alliance groups seven Basque technological centres together (AZTERLAN, CEIT, GAIKER, IDEKO, IKERLAN, LORTEK and TEKNIKER) for the purpose of generating and transferring scientific and technological know-how to companies to contribute to improving their competitiveness and strengthening their position as reference agents in innovation.

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