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The Future of Joining Technologies under Debate

10/25/2018 |<img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/tecnologias-union.jpg" data-link="" /> Industrial manufacture is getting increasingly more demanding, requiring more accurate results, and being obliged to adapt to highly sophisticated materials and products with the capacity to fulfil their functions in different scenarios.


One of the more usual needs raised by the manufacturing sector is the joining of components. However, despite the high demand for them, the technologies for this process still face significant challenges.For such reasons, it is critical to advance in the knowledge of the latest tendencies concerning the techniques assuring the juncture of parts.

In this sense, the IK4 Technological Research Alliance has organised an encounter where the different players involved in this field of activity may get acquainted with the latest novelties and challenges in the sector.

The seminar, “Joining Technologies in the Era of Advanced Manufacture”,will take place next 8 November at the installations of the research institution, GAIKER-IK4, located in the Technological Park of Bizkaia.

The event will feature representatives of outstanding entities, such as the manager of the R+D group of aeronautics multinational Aernnova’s Engineering Division, Federico Martín de la Escalera, who will describe the challenges raised by the process of hybrid metal-carbon fibre joining in the aviation industry.

Moreover, representatives from the different centres comprising the Alliance are expected to share the limelight in the programme of presentations with outstanding company experts from strategic sectors, such as aeronautics and the automotive industry.

The director of the IK4-AZTERLAN Mechanical Testing Department,Urko Uribe Villar, will deal with aspects to bear in mind in manufacturing processes using screwed parts in high-performance sectors.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Allue Salvador, GAIKER-IK4 Plastic Materials and Composites Department researcher, will present joining solutions using chemical processes between different materials to avoid the use of adhesives.

In turn, IK4-LORTEK researcher Egoitz Aldanondo Begiristain will present the latest advances and developments in the sphere of friction stir welding (FSW). Friction welding by application is a method used with increasing frequency in manufacturing transport vehicle structures.

Lastly, IK4-TEKNIKER researcher Eva Rodríguez Vidalwill talk about the emergent use of laser technology as an alternative thermal joining method.

The event programme and registration are accessible through the seminar website.


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