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6 technology centers,
1 European reference in
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As a result of their commitment to contributing to the strengthening of the innovative and competitive capacity of the companies and the technological centres AZTERLAN, CEIT, IDEKO, IKERLAN, LORTEK and TEKNIKER decided to found the IK4 Alliance, maintaining their own autonomy as independent organizations, while benefiting from convergence on a common project.

Member Technological Centres



IK4-AZTERLAN is a private R+D Centre with experience spanning over 30 years specialising in metallurgical research and knowledge of metal materials. Its mission is geared towards fostering the competitiveness of metal working companies through technology transfer and knowledge provision. It seeks to become a benchmark R+D Centre in the European metallurgical sector through the integration of basic research, applied research and technology transfer. It is also involved in highly significant R+D Services and serves over 1,500 companies under the ENAC - ISO 17025 accreditation.


CEIT-IK4 is a Technology Centre providing R&D&I services to the industry through applied research and technological development projects. Its headquarters are located in Ibaeta and at the Miramon Technology Park in San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa). It was founded in 1982 with the financial and institutional support of the Basque Government and promoted by the Engineering School of the University of Navarra in Donostia. Its main commitment is to help society through skilled training of young researchers that once entering the companies can lead the necessary changes to drive companies to first level competitiveness in the international arena. CEIT-IK4 main areas or expertise comprise Materials, Applied Mechanics, Electronics & Communications, together with Microelectronics and Environmental Engineering.


IK4-IDEKO is a Technology Centre specialised in the Machine Tool sector and Manufacturing Technologies, and it is located at the Arriaga industrial state in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa). It was created in 1986 and its main research lines involve Transformation processes, Machines and components, Virtual engineering, Machine operation and dynamics, Machining monitoring & control, Intelligent automotive software, Measuring systems, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Competitive intelligence models and Innovation management, among others. IK4-IDEKO's main objective is to promote technological innovation of its clients.


IK4-IKERLAN is a leading knowledge transfer technological centre from Arrasate, providing competitive value to companies. Since 1974, we seek for excellence in R&D&i, thanks to the continuous adaptation to the needs of our customers and the proximity with the business reality.
We are a cooperative member of the MONDRAGON Group and we are structured in three technological specialisation units: Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, Energy and Power Electronics and Advanced Manufacturing.


LORTEK is a non-profit-making Research Centre set up to generate a domain of excellence in the knowledge of bonding technologies that allows companies to acquire and maintain positions of leadership in the applications of bonding techniques and processes that are decisive factors in their products or services.

In this respect, the services offered by IK4-LORTEK are geared towards the incorporation of technology and innovation into the industrial base on the basis of the following activities:

  • Development of Technology Projects.
  • Technology Services.
  • Solving specific technical problems for clients.
  • Management of Technology.
  • Technological Training and Dissemination in innovative fields


IK4-TEKNIKER is a technology centre legally set up as a private non-profit Foundation. TEKNIKER's mission is to increase the innovativeness of the industrial sector to improve its competitiveness through the generation and implementation of technology and know-how. It is the Centre for Mecatronics, Manufacturing Technologies and Microtechnologies, focusing on the following major areas: Design of industrial and consumer products; friction, wearing and lubrication-related problem-solving; ICT incorporation in manufacturing plants, and high precision, miniaturisation and micro/nanotechnologies.

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  • Ideko
  • Ikerlan
  • Lortek
  • Tekniker

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