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RSS Syndication

What is syndication?

The syndication of contents is a way of distributing contents automatically to those users who access certain pages frequently, without their having to enter those pages. These contents are distributed through channels, commonly called feeds, which the user can subscribe to. The applications which allow users to subscribe to and read these channels have different names, although the most common are "newsfeeders", "channel readers", "Newsreaders" or "Feed Reader".


Newsreaders or newsfeeders are programmes which allow users to subscribe to and read channels or feeds. They compile updates of web pages which the user has previously subscribed to and show, either as a headline, summary or complete text, including image, audio or video fields, the most recent contents of each site.

They thus allow users quick access to the new contents of the web sites, blogs, newspapers etc to which they are subscribed. There are a large number of readers, which may be a desktop programme installed on the PC, or a web-based application.

Some web-based newsreaders or feeders:

Some desktop newsreaders or feeders:

Some desktop newsreaders or feeders:

How to syndicate myself

How can I recognise sites with RSS format from among the sites and information to be found on the Internet? It?s very simple, given that the feeds are usually indicated on the Web pages by small squares which include the letters "RSS" or icons such as the one used in this portal: Icono de RSS

If you have a pre-assigned reader on your browser or a desktop reader, press the icon Icono de RSS and the syndication channel will be added automatically.

If you use a web reader you will probably have to enter the rss address of the channel to syndicate yourself. If you have any doubts, consult the help option of your reader.

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