100 Movies That Have Earned The Most Money

100 Movies That Have Earned The Most Money

The entertainment industry has long been a very lucrative business. People are willing to pay to have an interesting and exciting time. Since the beginning of cinema, this sphere has been of interest to the public. Although the first films were in black and white and silent. Today, hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in the production of the most spectacular films, the most talented actors, directors and screenwriters are used, the most advanced computer technology makes it possible to create special effects that were unthinkable a few years ago. It's all about attracting audiences to the movies and ultimately making money from it.

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Actually, there are even multiple sources of revenue for movies, aside from the fairly obvious movie distribution, there's also digital media sales/rentals, merchandising, streaming. And TV rights bring in a certain amount of revenue, too, years and years after the movie is released. Even so, the standard measure of a film's commercial success is the box office it takes in theaters. These data are considered basic, especially historically, and their calculation is much easier. Presumably in the near future there will be a shift in revenue streams towards online digital sales: people will increasingly prefer to watch a new movie at home, on a big screen with good acoustics.

The highest grossing films in the history of cinema have entered the list, taking into account both absolute values ​​and inflation. Much of the data is based on international box office information from the authoritative Box Office Mojo website.

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What movie genres are most profitable?

Interestingly, in the last century, historical dramas, war movies, and musicals have always been popular, and therefore blockbusters. But in the 22.000st century, the trend has clearly changed. Unexpectedly, movie franchises have taken off. Superhero stories are decades old, but it is only now that they have gained popularity around the world. As a result, the Marvel Universe movie set has already grossed $3 billion, and Avengers: The Endgame (the fourth installment in the Avengers saga) is in the top XNUMX grossing.

It is not difficult to find Harry Potter movies based on the books of J. Rowling, various parts of "Fast and Furious", "Pirates of the Caribbean". Interestingly, some movie franchises have been released for decades: Star Wars, James Bond, Star Trek. Who knows, maybe his younger rivals are destined for an equally long life.

The producers have not ignored children either, as they have realized that they too can earn a lot of money. The list of top-grossing movies includes animated movies from Walt Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, and Illumination.

Of course, the absolute list is somewhat skewed: inflation has somewhat diminished the success of those years of large scale and popularity that were shot in the 60s and 70s. Reissues of these already classic films allow them to compete with others. younger. Re-releases and 3D recreated versions also help: Titanic, for example, has grossed at least $100 million this way.

But ticket prices are also gradually rising, pushing old favorites to the bottom of the list. And yet, taking into account the rate of inflation, "Gone with the Wind" is the highest grossing film of all time. And the box office receipts that appear in our tables are in US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of the film's release.

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The highest grossing films

The current leader is Avatar, made in 2009, with a gross of $2.850 billion and slightly ahead of Avengers: The Endgame, which grossed $2.800 billion. Box office revenue refers directly to theaters, without taking into account other sources of revenue. And they can represent a significant part of the income.

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Other figures are also interesting. "Titanic" itself earned $1.200 billion from DVD and digital media sales and rentals, in addition to $2.200 billion in theaters. But for "Avatar" such comprehensive statistics are not available. All we know is that 16 million Blu-ray DVD discs were sold in North America alone, worth $345 million, while digital media sold another 30 million units worldwide. If home video sales are added to the bottom line, both movies earned at least $3.000 billion each. And then there are TV rights sales, which also add a lot to revenue. It is believed that this game can reach 20-25% of the distribution of the film. For example, "Titanic" earned another $55 million from NBC and HBO, which is almost a tenth of the total revenue in North America.

The commercialization of cinematographic images can contribute even more than the direct sale of cinema tickets. The Lion King," for example, grossed over $2.000 billion, but the production of the musical based on that story grossed over $6.000 billion! Merchandising can also bring in a lot of income. For example, The Lion King helped sell $3.000 billion in merchandise with a related theme.

Some may question the success of "Cars" (2006), which grossed "only" $462 million at the box office, but managed to sell $8.000 billion worth of branded merchandise over the next 5 years. An even more resounding success in this area came with Toy Story: The Great Escape. The cartoon grossed $1.000 billion in theaters and another $10.000 billion in merchandise sales.

In this table, we will limit ourselves to revenue coming directly from film distribution. There are already 50 films that have managed to raise more than 1.000 million dollars and five films more than 2.000 million. The Russo brothers' directors can be considered the most commercially successful, as two films have grossed more than $2.000 billion and another more than $1.000 billion. Two of the top 5 movies have been directed by James Cameron. The list of commercially successful directors also includes the likes of JJ Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson.

numberPhotoMovie titleRates around the worldYear
11Avatar2 847 397 3392009
21avengers: the end2 797 800 5642019
31Titanic2 201 647 2641997
43Star Wars: The Force Awakens2 069 521 7002015
54Vengadores: Infinity War2 048 359 7542018
66Spiderman: No Way Home1 901 232 5502021
73jurassic world1 671 537 4442015
87The Lion King1 663 250 4872019
93The Avengers1 518 812 9882012
104Fast and Furious 71 515 047 6712015
1110cold heart 21 450 026 9332019
125Avengers: Age of Altron1 402 805 8682015
1313Top Gun: Maverick1 380 853 0362022
149Black Panther1 347 597 9732018
153Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 21 342 359 9422011
169Star Wars: The Last Jedi1 332 539 8892017
1712Jurassic World 21 310 466 2962018
185Cold heart1 289 880 5202013
1910Beauty and the beast1 263 521 1262017
2015supergirl 21 242 805 3592018
2111Fast and Furious 81 238 764 7652017
225Iron Man 31 214 811 2522013
2310Minions1 159 398 3972015
2412First Avenger: Showdown1 153 296 2932016
2520Aquaman1 148 161 8072018
262The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King1 146 436 2142003
2723Spider-Man: Far From Home1 131 927 9962019
2822Captain Marvel1 128 274 7942019
294Transformers 3 The Dark Side of the Moon1 123 794 0792011
307007: Skyfall Coordinates1 108 561 0132012
3110Transformers: Age of Extinction1 104 054 0722014
321Jurassic Park1 029 691 1181993
337The Dark Knight of Legend1 081 041 2872012
3431The guason1 074 251 3112019
3532Star Wars: Skywalker. Get up1 074 144 2482019
3630Toy Story 41 073 394 5932019
374Toy Story: The Great Escape1 066 969 7032010
383Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest1 066 179 7252006
392The Lion King1 063 611 8051994
4020Outlaw One. Star Wars: Stories1 056 057 2732016
4134Aladdin1 050 693 9532019
426Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides1 045 713 8022011
4324ugly me 31 034 799 4092017
4422Seeking Dory1 028 570 8892016
452Star Wars. Episode I: The Hidden Threat1 027 082 7071999
465Alice in Wonderland1 025 467 1102010
4724zveropolis1 023 784 1952016
482harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone1 022 290 0192001
4914The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey1 017 003 5682012
504The dark knight1 004 934 0332008
5110Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1+977 070 3832010
5252Jurassic World: Domination+974 736 9652022
5319ugly me 2+970 766 0052013
5430The book of the jungle+966 550 6002016
5540Jumanji: The Call of the Wild+962 102 2372017
5626The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Warriors+956 019 7882014
575Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End+960 996 4922007
5824The Hobbit: The Waste Land of Smaug+958 366 8552013
5958Dr. Strange: Into a Multiverse of Madness+954 998 6982022
604The Lord of the Rings: The Two Fortresses+947 896 2412002
616Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix+942 201 7102007
626Finding Nemo+940 343 2612003
638Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince+934 326 3962009
646Shrek 2+923 075 3362004
6553Bohemian Rhapsody+903 655 2592018
6661Battle of Chosin Reservation+902 540 9352021
675The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring+898 094 7422001
688Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire+896 346 2292005
6910Spiderman 3: Enemy in the reflection+890 871 6262007
7015Ice Age 3: The Age of Dinosaurs+886 686 8172009
7140007: Specter+880 674 6092015
7249Spider-Man: Homecoming+880 166 9242017
736Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets+879 465 5942002
7429Ice Age 4: Continental Drift+877 244 7822012
7547The secret life of pets+875 457 9372016
7645Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice+873 634 9192016
7755wolves war 2+870 325 4392017
7811Star Wars. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith+868 390 5602005
7934The Hunger Games: And the Flames Will Burst+865 011 7462013
8054Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2+863 756 0512017
8143puzzler+857 611 1742015
8265Veneno+856 085 1512018
8360Thor: Ragnarok+853 977 1262017
8424Starts+836 848 1022010
8519Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen+836 303 6932009
8633The Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2+829 746 8202012
877Spiderman+825 025 0362002
8864Wonder Woman+821 847 0122017
8980Hi Mom.+822 009 7642021
902Día de la Independencia+817 400 8911996
9159fantastic beasts and where they live+814 037 5752016
9219Shrek the Third+813 367 3802007
9371Coco's Mystery+807 082 1962017
9488Jumanji: The New Level+796 575 9932019
9514Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban+796 093 8022004
9668Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales+794 861 7942017
971Alien+792 910 5541982
9898Minions: Gruvitation+792 852 6902022
9979Mission Impossible: Aftermath+791 115 1042018
100312012+788 550 9002009

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The highest-grossing movies, adjusted for inflation

Marketing to promote modern movies often doesn't take into account inflation, which helps propel a movie to the top of the box office. Still, for the sake of objectivity, it's worth considering the factor of price change, the long-term effect of which should reshape the top-grossing list significantly. It is no coincidence that there are very few films from previous years on the absolute list. An inflation correction has been devised to compensate for changes in exchange rates. To say that this allows for a precise measure of success is not possible, because ticket prices have not always changed in parallel with inflation. In 1970 a movie ticket cost $1,55, that is, $6,68 if converted to 2004 prices, while in 1980 a ticket cost $2,69, but at 2004 prices it even dropped to $5,5 $. And ticket prices have changed at different rates around the world. It is also not possible to base it on the number of tickets sold, because in the case of older films only the total amount of the collection is known.

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Although it would be quite difficult to establish a universal criteria for a film's box office performance, attempts have been made to do so. A price index has been taken into account to adjust the gross values, as well as exchange rates and currency conversions. These criteria helped some old movies rise. As a result, the leader of the final rating was "Gone with the Wind", made in 1939. It is considered the highest grossing film in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2014, inflation-adjusted box office receipts were estimated at $3.400 billion. There are different estimates of this amount, depending on the sources, ranging from 3 to 3.800 billion.

Consequently, it is not clear until the end who is the main rival of the leader: some put Avatar (2009) at 3.000 million and others Titanic (1997) at 2.900 million in second place.

numberTitlebox office receiptsYear
1gone With the Wind3 713 000 000...1939
2Avatar3 260 000 0002009
3Titanic3 087 000 0001997
4Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope3 049 000 0001977
5avengers: the end2 798 000 0002019
6sounds of music2 554 000 0001965
7Alien2 493 000 0001982
8The ten Commandments2 361 000 0001956
9Doctor Zhivago2 238 000 0001965
10Star Wars: The Force Awakens2 206 000 0002015

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