11 interesting inventions for health, home and leisure

11 interesting inventions for health, home and leisure

Humans are cunning creatures, persistent and lazy at the same time. When we are faced with another problem, we prefer not to suffer and endure, but to find an alternative way to solve it. They are often surprisingly creative.

vacuum waste collector

Some people sweep crumbs under the rug the old-fashioned way, others make heavy use of robot cleaners, but the developers of Sweepovac have gone a different way. The Sweepovac has gone another way: with a vacuum that attracts small objects, which means it picks up the debris itself.

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Kodama Zone

More than just a patio swing, it is a small engineering structure that works on the pendulum principle. The movement of the chainstay lasts a long time without any effort, and the soft sides and mesh shell allow you to flip without risking falling in the process.

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Kingii Rescue Bracelet

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A small cylinder with compressed air, a handle and a crank. If you're in trouble underwater, give it a yank and the Archimedean force will push you to the surface. In addition, the brightly colored inflatable float serves as an alarm signal to those on land.

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modular stores

I was in the military and in the emergency services; now it is available for civilians. The idea is by no means new, but the advantage of the POD Tents product is that you can live in your tent both on your own and as a "guest" in someone else's large campsite. The social environment is important in any glade.

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origami robot for doctors

It goes down the esophagus, and finally through the great vessels, like a pill. When he gets to the right place, he turns around and activates the sensors.

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The bottle from which everything is poured to the last drop

The University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is experimenting with super slippery coatings. If applied to the inside of a sticky container, such as ketchup or condensed milk, the stickiness is reduced to a symbolic level. And everything will come out by itself, without having to squeeze out the residue.

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Loosely translated as "hit," this fully captures the essence of the apparatus. When attached to a suitable surface, it interprets tapping on it as a command to the electrical appliances. The setting is present by default: all the lazy people in the world can ditch their traditional remote controls.

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Transformation of food waste into fuel

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The HomeBiogas project puts into practice the classic and reference concept of rationally recycling bio-waste to convert it into energy in a single-family domestic device format. Everything that is not consumed, plus the contents of the garbage can, is sent to the compost bin, where it rots intensely. The methane produced is accumulated and taken to the kitchen for incineration.

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Formcard Plastic Retainer

A piece the size of a plastic card is placed in a glass of water, softens and takes on the properties of plasticine for a while. If you staple something with it, it dries and hardens like a rock. An alternative to Scotch tape, blue electrical tape and Sugru, except that Formcard is easier to cut and portion.

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Universal Personal Disposal Unit

Getting all your neighbors to sort their trash into different bins for recycling is a Sisyphus task in our objective reality. Dave Hakkens suggests that the conscientious citizen set up their own personal recycler. He perfectly grinds plastic, and the resulting crumbs can be melted into fibers to make something useful for the household.

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humane insect trap

Catch, transport and release in a safe place, all without having to come into personal contact with the dreaded furry critter. The bristles of the trap are soft enough not to harm the insect, while at the same time forming a secure temporary cage. And slippers, fly swatters and repellents are barbaric medieval methods.

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