15 useful Google services that you may not have known about

15 useful Google services that you may not have known about

Google offers a large number of services, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of them all. While announcements for major services like Google Photos get media coverage, smaller products go unnoticed. Some of the services described below may already be familiar to you, but you may not even be familiar with them. Today's analysis will focus precisely on these services.

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Google Earth Voyager: A new travel experience

Google has released an updated version of one of its most popular applications, Google Earth. The new edition only works in the Chrome browser. One of the best features of the update is undoubtedly Voyager, which allows you to take three-dimensional and interactive tours of different places on our planet while watching videos and photos. For example, thanks to a partnership between Google and BBC Earth, you can virtually visit the most beautiful deserts and other places. There are currently over 50 interactive tours available.

Go to Google Earth Voyager

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NSynth: create new sounds with artificial intelligence

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Can robots create music? Google has tried to answer that question by launching NSynth, a fascinating method of creating music using machines. The developers have "taught" the app the sounds of 300.000 musical instruments. Normally, when a computer is told to play the sounds of, say, a flute and a cello in the same key, it plays both sounds simultaneously, but NSynth creates a hybrid sound of musical instruments. With the app, you can "play" different instruments and even adjust the "power" of each one. Actually it's not NSynth that creates the music, it's you.

Go to NSynth

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Google Keep

Powerful app to create notes/to do lists on both mobile and desktop computers. It stands out for its bright and elegant design. And there is a very useful function that not everyone knows about: you can set reminders and integrate them with Google Calendar.

Try Google Keep

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Data GIF Maker: A fun way to visualize information (comparison)

Data GIF Maker offers a fun way to present boring statistics in GIF format. You don't need any special skills to create a chart, just add column headers, values, and a description of what it's about. Data GIF Maker will do the rest.

Go to Data GIF Maker

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Gmailify (receives mail from any third-party mail account in gmail)

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Don't you use Google mail? It doesn't matter: with Gmailify you can easily add your Yandex or mail.ru email address to your Google mail client and enjoy all the benefits of "googlemail" such as modern design, advanced spam protection and automatic sorting from your inbox in folders.

More information

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google sky

Google.com/sky is the place to get a good look at distant stars. It uses data from NASA satellites and the Hubble telescope.

Go to Google Sky

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Google Ngrams

The service allows you to search for words in 5,2 million books published between 1500 and 2008. This way you can track how a word or expression has been used and changed over time.

Go to Google's Ngrams service

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Numbers in letters (English only)

Don't know how to write a complex number in English, for example, 92567816703? Open Google and formulate your query like this: 92567816703=Spanish. In the box below the search, the helpful search engine will tell you what to say and how to say it.

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On fonts.google.com there is a list of beautiful and free fonts that you can legitimately use for your own purposes.

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Go to the Google Fonts service

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google art project

High-resolution photos of art from the world's best museums.

Go to Google Art Project

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Google Trends

Do you want to know what people are interested in right now (or at any time in the past)? Open Google Trends and find out what Google users are searching for most often. You can even see how interest in certain events or phenomena has changed over time.

Go to Google Trends

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Image Search

(Google search → search query → Images tab → camera icon) allows you to see who put the image online first, find other sizes or similar images. It is very useful if you want to make sure that a viral photo or video is not fake.

Go to Google image search

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experiments with chrome

Chrome Experiments is a demonstration of the work of developers who are pushing the boundaries of web technology by creating beautiful and unique web interfaces.

Go to the Chrome Experiments website

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Think about the details

"A digital cheat sheet for marketers to know what's trending right now.

Go to ThinkInsights

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google academy

A service to easily find information in scientific publications.

Go to Google Academy

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