– login, admin, router settings, no login – login, admin, router settings, no login

To enter the settings of some Wi-Fi routers, access points, repeaters and mini-routers (for example, Pix-Link)The IP address is used for MGTS ADSL modems and GPON routers. It is the local IP address of the router, or other network device, which allows you to open the web interface and access the settings to change the password and other parameters. Most of the time it is necessary to use the address to configure the router from the MGTS provider. Sercomm model RV6699 and others. In this case the standard username and password admin/admin are used to enter the personal locker. But not on all devices.

Except on MGTS routers, this address is also set as "Default IP Address" (default) on some devices from TP-Link, Netis, Cisco, Thomson, etc. This is a non-standard IP address as most popular routers use the following IP addresses to enter their settings:,, Or our usual addresses like tplinkwifi.net, netis.cc, etc.

Make sure you use specifically on your router (modem, repeater). In most cases, the IP address for entering the settings is printed on the device itself (on a sticker, which also has other information), or in the manual. There should also be information about the factory username (Username) and password (Password). This information will also be useful to you.

First of all, I will show in detail how to successfully log in at this address, and then we will look at solutions to the most common problem, when the page at does not open.

How can I get to

  1. You have to connect your computer or mobile device to a router whose settings you want to access. You can connect using a network cable or Wi-Fi. If, for example, it is an MGTS router, simply connect the router's network cable to the LAN port and the computer or laptop cable to the network card.
    The device must be connected to the router, otherwise you will not be able to access the settings.
  2. Next, you have to start any browser (preferably one that you use rarely, without extensions, junk, etc.), enter (or copy) in the address bar the address and press ENTER.
    At this point, many people make the mistake of entering the address not in the browser's address bar, but in the search engine. So they don't go to the router settings, but to the browser page. Be careful!
  3. In most cases, a login window appears. In order to access the router settings, you must enter a username and password (Username Password). The factory settings must be on the router/modem itself. Pay attention. Most of the time they are admin и admin. Other combinations can also be set: admin/password, admin/admin, admin/blank field.
    Keep in mind that if the username and password don't match, someone may have already changed them. If this is the case, you can perform a reset. There should be a reset button on the router, which you need to hold down for 10-15 seconds.
  4. This will open a web interface with the configuration of our network device. This is also called the router's personal account.
    Now you can change the settings you want. For example, you can change the Wi-Fi network password.
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Since not everyone can access the settings page right away, we will look at the most popular reasons and solutions below.

Carefully review all items. Do not forget that the cause may be not only in the router, but also in the computer.

Can't access, can't access router or modem settings

  1. I already wrote about this at the beginning of this article: make sure your network device defaults to Look closely at the instructions, at the information on the sticker (in unity).
  2. Check the connection of the device (from which you cannot access the settings) with the router, modem or repeater.
  3. Make sure you are entering the address correctly. Sometimes they write 192.168.l.254, or 192.168.I.254. Instead of "1" a small "L", or a large "I". Better copy the address.
  4. Please use a different browser, or try to connect and log in to from a different device.
  5. Make sure your computer's network connection properties are set to obtain IP and DNS addresses automatically.
    Read more in this article: Automatically obtain an IP address in Windows.
  6. If there is no login at, or the username and password do not match (admin/admin)If the router/modem has rebooted, it makes sense to try rebooting the router/modem. To do this, press the reset button for 10-15 seconds. This will restore factory settings.
  7. See the separate instruction for solutions to this problem: Cannot access router settings.

If you still have not been able to enter the web interface, or change the necessary settings, write in the comments the model of your router and describe in detail the problem you are having. I'll make sure to answer and try to help you.

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