– Huawei router login, Wi-Fi setup, without opening personal account – Huawei router login, Wi-Fi setup, without opening personal account is the IP address that is set as the factory default address to enter the settings of some models of Huawei routers, modems, and optical terminals. These are some popular models (eg Huawei EchoLife HG8245H, HG8326R, HG8310M)that Internet service providers such as Rostelecom, Beltelecom, Byfly (promsvyaz), Kazakhtelecom installs its clients when they connect to the Internet using GPON or ADSL technology. At you can open the personal locker of the modem to configure Wi-Fi, change the password and other settings. You can only go to the modem settings page at this address, not to the personal cabinet of Rostelecom and other ISPs.

Keep in mind: As these modems and GPON terminals are almost always installed and configured by representatives of the internet service provider, there may be problems accessing the configuration. Often, for example, the modem's username/password is changed during setup, and the default username and password simply don't match when trying to access the settings. If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet, I recommend that you first call your Internet service provider's help desk. They may have some kind of problem with the line.

The factory IP address should appear on a sticker on the casing of your Huawei modem or optical terminal. The factory username and password to access the settings are also usually there (Username and password). You can also see the factory SSID on the sticker (Wi-Fi network name) and the WLAN key (Wi-Fi connection password). If you have a modem or a GPON terminal from Promsvyaz, Rostelecom or another provider, the IP address, username and password will most likely not be on it, but even if it is, the IP address is still there. using to enter device settings.

Some routers use a more popular IP address: or

How to open a Huawei modem private account at

  1. Your device (PC, laptop, mobile phone) from which we will connect to the web interface must be connected to the modem/terminal. The connection can be through the Wi-Fi network or through a network cable. It's something like this:
  2. On the device, disable the browser, enter in the address bar (or copy) address and click on it (by pressing the Enter key). If the address is correct and you are connected to the terminal, an authorization window will open.
  3. In this window you have to enter your username (Username, or account field) and password (Password). Your Huawei router may have this information on the sticker (shown in the photo above). The default configuration is usually the following: Username (account) – root, Password - admin. They are only factory data, they may have been changed in the router configuration. For example, the master when installing and configuring the optical terminal.
    If the modem is from the Rostelecom provider, the login is probably telecomadminand the password admintelecom. Don't stop trying it. If everything is correct, Huawei modem or Huawei terminal private office should open. You can configure Wi-Fi settings (WLAN) etc.
  4. If the username/password doesn't match, or you don't know or have forgotten it, see my instructions below.
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Huawei username and password (root, admin, telecomadmin, admintelecom)

Many people on open the login window, but can't enter the settings because the standard login and password don't match.

Login/password for authentication in modems and terminals HG8245H from Huawei and other similar models:

  • Get in -. root
  • Password - admin

But if the device was delivered to you by the provider Rostelecom, Beltelecom, etc., then a different username/password is set there. Very often:

  • Log in - telecomadmin
  • Password - admintelecom

If these data do not match, I recommend that you call the help desk of your Internet service provider and ask what data you should use to enter the router settings.

Another option is to restart the Huawei router/terminal.

After the reboot, you will need to reconfigure your router. If it was done by professionals during installation and you're not sure if you can set it up, I recommend that you first discuss the issue with your ISP's support.

For this you have to find the reset button on the device (normally recessed in the casing)Press the button and hold it down for at least 10 seconds. The router will be reset to factory settings. After the router restarts, try to connect to and enter the default username/password.

Wi-Fi Settings

If the purpose of entering the settings is to change the Wi-Fi network settings (most often the network name, or password)You can do it on WLAN (Wi-Fi).

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There you can also change the type of security, encryption or disable the Wi-Fi network. To further adjust the Wi-Fi network (channel, channel width, etc.) on the left go to Advanced WLAN Settings. Remember to save the settings by clicking "Apply". Most likely, the web interface of your GPON terminal will be in Russian, it will be easier to understand there. does not open, does not enter Huawei settings

There are times when the modem settings at do not open. An error appears or a browser page opens.

There may be different reasons, let's see the most popular solutions.

  1. The address must be entered in the address bar of the browser. Not in the search bar! Try to connect through another browser. You can use the standard Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.
  2. Check the connection with the router (GPON terminal) Huawei.
  3. Try connecting on a different device. It must also be connected to your Huawei router.
  4. Just in case, try connecting to or
  5. If you're connecting from a computer, do a network reset and try again.
  6. Apply the solutions in this article: You cannot enter your router settings at or All recommendations will work fine if you can't get into
  7. Contact your Internet service provider's customer service with this issue (Byfly, Rostelecom, Beltelecom, etc.).

If you have not been able to solve your problem, or have any questions, write in the comments. Be sure to include the following information:

  • GPON modem or terminal model.
  • What kind of internet service provider do you have?
  • What is exactly the problem? (mistake) And at what time.
  • What do you want to do, why did you decide to go into the settings.
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All the best!