3 ways to disable sleep mode in Windows 8

3 ways to disable sleep mode in Windows 8

The computer enters hibernation mode when it is not used for some time. This saves energy and is especially useful if you have a laptop offline. But many users do not like the fact that they leave their device for 5-10 minutes and that it has already entered hibernation mode. So in this article we will tell you how to make the PC work all the time.

Disable sleep mode in Windows 8

In this version of the operating system, this procedure is almost no different from Seven's, but there is another method that is unique to Metro UI. There are several ways to undo the computer from sleeping. All of them are quite simple and we are going to consider the most practical and convenient.

Method 1: "PC Configuration".

  1. Ir a "PC configuration". via the side pop-up panel or by using Search in.

  2. Then go to the tab "Computer and devices".

  3. The only thing left to do is expand the tab "Shut down and hibernate"where you can change the time after which the PC will go to sleep. If you want to completely disable this feature, select the line "Never"..

Method 2: "Control Panel"

  1. With the help of the miraculous buttons (panel. «Charms») or the menu Win + X Open "Control Panel"..

  2. So find the element "Can"..

  3. Interesting!
    You can also access this menu through a dialog box "Run".that is invoked in a very simple way by means of the combination of keys Win + X. Enter the following command there and press I went into:


  4. Now, next to the item that you have marked and in bold black, click on the link "Power circuit configuration"..

  5. And the last step: in the paragraph "Put the computer to sleep" select the desired time or line "Never".if you want to completely disable the transition of the PC to sleep. Save the configuration change.

    Method 3: "Command Prompt"

    The most convenient way to disable sleep mode is to use "Command line".but it also has a place. Just open the console as administrator (use the button Win + X) and enter the following three commands in it:

    powercfg /change "always on" /standby-timeout-ac 0
    powercfg /change "always on" /hibernate-timeout-ac 0
    powercfg /setactive "always on"

    It's worth noting that the above commands may not work for everyone.

    You can also use the console to disable hibernation. Hibernation is a state of the computer very similar to sleep mode, but in this case the PC consumes much less power. This is because during normal sleep, only the display, cooling system, and hard drive are turned off, and everything else continues to function with minimal resource consumption. During hibernation, everything is shut down and the state of the system is stored on the hard drive before shutting down.

    Type. "Command line". the following command:

    powercfg.exe /hibernate off

    To reactivate sleep mode, enter the same command, but substitute outside en en:

    powercfg.exe /hibernate on

    These are the three methods that we have covered. As you can understand, the last two methods can be applied in any version of Windows, because "Command line". и "Control Panel". it is everywhere. Now you know how to disable sleep mode on your computer if it bothers you.

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