4 Legendary Computer Companies Created by Two People

4 Legendary Computer Companies Created by Two People

A world famous company can be created by a single person… but more often it happens when several professionals work together. apple, eBay and Twitter are proof of this. How do successful people meet and how do they work together to achieve mutual success? The most interesting stories on the subject are collected below.

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As you can easily guess, it's not uncommon for people who know each other well—childhood friends, classmates, family members—to start a business together. But this is not always the case: some people did not get along at first, and others cannot stand their business partner even today.

However, there is a very clear trend. The vast majority of the "founding fathers" of successful companies recognize that their own capabilities are not limitless (in short, they don't know everything in the world) and respect their partner's contribution to the joint venture.

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen

About us: Microsoft
Foundation year: 1975

How did you get into the business together?Bill and Paul knew each other from high school and were also into the world of computers and hacking.

The secret of successOf course, most of the time, friendship and business shouldn't mix, but shared interests (computer science) and a penchant for entrepreneurship kept the friends from fighting. After Gates enrolled at Harvard, Allen followed him and convinced him to start his own company. Bill listened to his friend, dropped out of college, created Microsoft, and was long the richest man on Earth.

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Larry Page and Sergey Brin

About us: Google
Foundation year: 1998

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How did you get into the business together?In 1995, Larry Page and Sergey Mikhailovich Brin met in graduate school, but did not immediately become friends. During an orientation walk around the college campus, Brin was Page's "guide," and they wrestled the entire way. But despite their personal differences, after a while the two were working on the same research project. Their joint work, titled Anatomy of a Large-Scale Internet Hypertext Search Engine, became the basis for the Google search engine.

The secret of successPaige and Brin were born in different parts of the world (Sergey in Moscow, Larry in Lansing, Michigan, USA), but they are made of the same "stuff": their parents are college professors, and they themselves loved computers, information technology and everything related to it. They also work well in tandem: Key decisions about hiring Google's "serious guy" Eric Schmidt and creating a unique corporate culture, characterized by a near lack of formality, were made together.

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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

About us: Apple Inc.
Foundation year: 1976.

Of course, everyone knows that apple was founded by 3 people; there was also Ronald Wayne, but he never got to do anything remarkable for the company (other than the first logo). Furthermore, he sold his stake in the company (10%) almost immediately after his founding.

How did you get into the business together?The two Steves became friends on a summer job in 1970. The roles of the friends were clear almost immediately: Wozniak was the best at making computers, while Jobs was the best at selling them. In a 2006 interview, Woz said that he just did what he liked, and it turned out that his creations could change the world. And Steve was much better at thinking ahead, and one day he just said, "We can sell this."

"I was thinking about how to build a company and maybe even how to change the world around us."

The secret of success: Jobs and Wozniak have, as they say, found each other. The genius design engineer «Woz» never seriously thought that he could sell his «crafts». It was his namesake who took care of this "triviality." The resulting cocktail of technical knowledge and marketing led to the creation of one of the oldest and most successful IT companies in the world. Jobs valued the skills of his friend: in Wozniak's memory, they never had a big fight (even though Steve had a terrible temper, which was disapproved of by many people he knew).

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Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard

About us: Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Foundation year: 1939

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How did you get into the business together?: They knew each other from Stanford's engineering training program. After graduation, they went on a two-week trip across the country together. Being with the same person for a fortnight in the country would drive someone crazy, but Bill and Dave became friends. Shortly thereafter, on the advice of a Stanford professor, they formed what is now the world famous HP company.

The secret of successHewlett and Packard were the best of friends, with similar strengths of character and management approaches; they complemented each other. Bill and Dave developed a corporate work ethic that was innovative for its time: at their company, people helped each other and felt very comfortable on the job.

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