Download Magazines and Newspapers in PDF for Free

Finally, you had asked for it and here it is. The most complete guide to download magazines and newspapers in PDF, and yes, completely free and also, without the need to subscribe to any website.

Let us begin!

Websites to download online magazines

  • Google Scholar

We have the possibility of reading the favorite newspaper completely online and for free, in addition we will also be able to access a huge number and diversity of online magazines which have their corresponding alternative to download it in PDF, although we are also going to show you how download them from MEGATherefore, pay attention to our tutorial and if you have any doubts, do not forget to leave them in the comments.

Pages to download magazines in PDF

There is a wide variety of websites that deal with cataloging digital media, as well as newspapers and magazines, some detail the alternative of reading them online or lower it on PDF, Let's see what are the best pages recommended for this purpose.

net kiosk

This web portal works as a digital media search engine, here we will be able to find press articles, regional magazines, by category among many others, it is only a requirement to go through the different categories that it gives us and enter where it most attracts our attention, Inside of its main categories we will find:

  • Entrepreneur magazines
  • cooking magazines
  • sports magazines
  • car magazines
  • economics journals
  • humor magazines
  • health magazines
  • Among others.

The portal has well over 3.500 Publications of different types, that is why you will have a lot to know and examine, I leave you the direct link to the category of magazines

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Download sports magazines PDF

In addition to the categories mentioned above in you will have the possibility of download sports magazines, among which the following stand out:

  • Nautica & Yachts Magazine.
  • SportLife.
  • Submarine Channel.
  • The hook.
  • Virtual Diving Magazine.
  • A Road Cycling Wheel.
  • Among other

To visit:

Google Scholar (Google Scholar)

Google Scholar

Without a doubt, the most remarkable friend of man is Google (along with the dog, of course), and of those who read, even more of a friend. Google Academic It gives us the possibility of entering a huge number of student magazines and files with a more scientific connotation.

It's just entering the next link, place your search and voila! You will now have the possibility to enter the information you want to read.


A wonderful portal to download magazines in PDF and not only that, you will also have the possibility of make your own magazine for free! On this page you will have the opportunity to read currently popular magazines, in the same way as other individuals' magazines, which tend to be quite attractive, given that they are based on their characteristic knowledge or experience. I have personally had the opportunity to read magazines from:

  • Anime
  • cars
  • Carpentry
  • Finance
  • Among other

Ir a to download free magazines or newspapers


In this web portal you will have the possibility of entering a wide variety of free pdf magazines without obligation to make payments or subscribe, within the categories that they present to us are:

  • Furniture and Decoration
  • Very attractive USA
  • very history
  • Geo (Spain)
  • Esquire Latin America
  • National Geographic Traveler in its Spanish version
  • Hobby Consoles
  • Robb Report (Spain)
  • Vanities (Mexico)
  • Living House (Spain)
  • Hobby Consoles
  • Among other
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Ir a pdfmagazines.

Where to Download PDF Magazines from MEGA

Some find it a bit complicated when downloading magazines from the Internet, therefore you have to bet on what is truly simple, such as the download server MEGA and also to download magazines from MEGA It is a requirement to know download portals, as well as Taringa, virtual exchanges, etc.

There they usually share the MEGA link of numerous magazines, it is up to each visitor to use the site's search engine to find the magazines they most want.