God of War: A PlayStation Superstar

A series of video games that have been positioned among the best positions on PlayStation, we invite you to know it through our article God of War, where we will offer you all the history around it and the tricks that will help you overcome levels quickly.

Kratos, main Spartan.

God of War

Its title in Spanish is God of war but this video game created by SCE Santa Mónica Studio has managed to be the star of all PlayStation games.

This entertainment and action video game marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2.005, has been so successful that it already has six additional versions in the series.

God of War tells the adventures of a Spartan general named Kratos, who was in the service of the Greek gods and wanted to rebel against them, his destiny and nemesis to which he is exposed. However, his destiny is very different from what he imagines, obtaining a great victory.

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God of War main features

  • It takes place in ancient Greece.
  • There are mythological beings.
  • It occurs between the events of Ghost of spartaChains of Olympus.
  • The video game has six scenarios: the city of Athens, the Aegean Sea, the Underworld, the Desert of Lost Souls, Mount Olympus and the Temple of Pandora where almost the entire game takes place.
  • It is a video game that mixes fighting with platforms and puzzles.
  • The matches are a kind of Quick Time Event.
  • Great fluidity when playing.
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Characters in God of War

  • Kratos: He is the main character of the video game that represents a Spartan warrior, who is at the order of the Olympian gods.
  • Athena: She is the goddess of wisdom and Kratos' right hand.
  • Ares: He is an antagonistic character and god of war.
  • Poseidon: He is the god of the sea.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love.
  • Zeus: He is the king of the gods.
  • Artemis: Goddess of the hunt.
  • Hades: God of the underworld.

Among other characters such as: captain of the ship, Oracle of Athens, body cremator, undertaker, Lisandra, Oracle of the people, Calliope and the Barbarian King.

Weapons, Relics and Powers

God Of War is a mix of fighting with puzzles, which can provide players with powers or combos that will improve their skills and will be able to advance in the game without risk of losing. So it is necessary to know the different weapons, relics and powers that can be found in the game.

The powers

  • Medusa's gaze: This power belongs to the goddess Aphrodite, with which she must eliminate the queen of the gorgonians.
  • Poseidon's Wrath: It is a lightning bolt delivered by Poseidon and that falls on Kratos, generating a large circle on the side but damaging all enemies near him.
  • Hades Army: This power given by Hades, can be power every time I use it.
  • The fury of Zeus: It is a power that allows Kratos to attack enemies that are at a great distance with lightning.


  • Swords of Athena: to acquire this weapon you must reach the end of the game.
  • Swords of Chaos: It is a necessary weapon for Kratos, it is linked to a molten chain on his arm.
  • Sword of the Gods: It is similar to the weapon of Artemis, with it Kratos kills Ares at the end of the game.
  • Sword of Artemis: It is a devastating weapon, it has a purple aura that changes to red in its final form and must be handled slowly.
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  • Keys of the Muses: These keys can open the doors of the muses that raise magic potential, vitality and give more amount of orbs to Kratos.
  • Gorgons Eyes: By having six eyes, Kratos' vitality is greater.
  • Poseidon's trident: This can be entered in the water for an unlimited time and is found in the tremble of Pandora.
  • Phoenix Feathers: By finding six feathers, Kratos will have more amount of magic power.
Battle in God of War

God Of War Guide

If you are a new player or you already have a time trying god of war ps4, we offer you a guide of tips and tricks that can help you in overcoming levels or battles to reach your final goal, winning the game.

  • Armor Upgrading: When you are at an advanced level and you can unlock the store, this is when you can upgrade your equipment and armor in any store that belongs to the game.
  • God Of War does not allow you to start a new game, but at the end of the story you can continue playing.
  • Can you improve the weapons? Well, yes, the game offers you the option to improve them with the help of the materials that are obtained by defeating the bosses, as well as when you complete the kingdoms, you have the option of improving your main weapons.
  • All the missions that you could lose, you can play it again after finishing the game.
  • It is not necessary to play all versions to understand the history of the video game.
  • God Of War does not allow you to get silver or XP quickly like other games that use tricks to achieve the goal, since its system is totally balanced.
  • Ancient Midgard is a large territorial extension in which we can find various resources and treasures that can help you, but first you have to get the maps that indicate the places where you can find them. In the video game you can locate up to twelve different maps.
  • To discover what the father of the gods has hidden in his personal hiding places, you must activate or open the chambers.
  • Those players who dare to enter the mist and flames will be able to acquire a great reward that is up to the challenge.
  • In the northern kingdom you can find a lot of objects that help you overcome some obstacles such as: Finds, Chests of the Rules, Tears, mystical ways, Ravens of Odin, Sanctuaries, elements of knowledge and Legendary Chests.
  • Favors are secondary missions, where you will find small and large creatures that request something from you that you must fulfill to continue.
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