Token Deezloader 2022 APK 2.6.5

Listening to music while you take a tour or do your work is a ritual in our lives that cannot be missed, that's why, with the DeezLoader token, you can get different kinds of music. If you are one of those people who likes to listen to music with the highest possible quality, this application is a great … READ MORE

Fouad WhatsApp 9.27 APK 2022

One of the most famous editions in the world of telecommunications is undoubtedly Fouad WhatsApp 9.27. The application belongs to the club of the most recognized worldwide, being the top for remote communications. Someone with a mobile gadget can access it anytime, anywhere. This simplicity... READ MORE

WhatsApp iPhone style for Android 2022 APK

There are quite a few who want to have iPhone-style WhatsApp for Android, since let me tell you that this is feasible. You can change the design of WhatsApp Android to that of an iPhone gadget with iOS. Modify the style of WhatsApp to an Apple gadget, you will have the possibility of using the emojis that are used in … READ MORE

WhatsApp Delta 2022 APK 4.0.2

Currently tweaking WhatsApp became very simple to do through WhatsApp Delta. One of those considered the best apps to be able to adjust and customize the design of the application as we wish, we also have the possibility to choose some pretty beautiful themes already created. Currently WhatsApp Delta is … READ MORE

What is I Love PDF and what is it for? Join, Split and Modify PDFs

When different actions are going to be carried out on the PC, the utility that is most useful and light is always sought. When we talk about modifying and saving documents, I Love PDF belongs to the most recommended and, every time you have a PDF file in front of you, you will remember it after knowing it, without place … READ MORE

How to download ebooks from XYZ Free Books in 2022

One of the most used options when searching for books on the internet is, without a doubt, librogratisxyz, one of the few internet websites that, yes, use some advertising, but they do not ask you to register, or to enter your mobile phone or anything strange. A completely legal and easy to… READ MORE

VEEW WEB – Best for adding effects to videos

Modifying videos at the moment is not a luxury, there are more and more interfaces that help us to carry it out without having to have various technical understandings. For all the benefits that the videos bring us, it is essential to be able to modify the videos to our liking and need, and on this occasion we present a … READ MORE

Yahoo Mail! – Sign in or enter, .es and others

Yahoo Mail! – Sign in or enter, .es and others. The web search or mail messaging service Yahoo! It is third in the top of the most used and offers several benefits that allow it to compete soon against the big ones such as Outlook and Gmail. In this techno-savvy article, we'll teach you... READ MORE

Download Magazines and Newspapers in PDF for Free

Finally, you had asked for it and here it is. The most complete guide to download magazines and newspapers in PDF, and yes, completely free and also without the need to subscribe to any website. Let us begin! Websites to download online magazines Google Scholar We have the possibility of reading your favorite newspaper completely online… READ MORE

PCTNew does not work. Solution, reasons and alternatives

Do you want to understand why Pctnew does not work at the moment when entering its portal? Pctnew belongs to what are considered to be the best torrent download internet pages. However, thanks to censorship and the blocking of creator rights from multiple companies, these kinds of sites are less and less … READ MORE

Bajaepub Download Free Books and Alternatives

There are many web pages on the internet that offer high quality literary content, but, as expected, they are usually paid pages, so we will look for other alternatives. There are also web pages that will offer us free content, but in exchange for abusive advertising. So we will also avoid them because in the end, … READ MORE

App to detect hidden microphones

The planet has changed since technology began to take over territory day by day. Undoubtedly, advances in technology have allowed us to have a much more automated life dynamic. At this time we have the possibility of keeping in touch whenever we want with the people we want and who are … READ MORE

Alternatives to Divxtotal to watch series and movies for free

Today we will talk about Divxtotal, a web platform that has been the favorite for downloading movies and series for all the humble people for years. From Tecnonianos, we are going to develop this article, with what we currently consider to be the best alternatives for this website that, almost certainly, you knew. Nonetheless, and the other choices… READ MORE

Bottleneck calculator What is it? How to avoid it?

Surely you have never heard (or maybe you have) about the bottleneck in a PC. And if you have heard of it, it is because you like to push your PC to the limit and you always want to keep it updated, which is why this problem can sometimes appear. If you want to avoid a bottleneck (known in … READ MORE

FileRepMetagen What is it? It is dangerous? How to remove it?

We are going to discuss different points of FileRepMetagen. What is FileRepMetagen? How bad is it for your PC? How does it get in? What are the ways to permanently remove FileRepMetagen? Our purpose is clear, we want to answer all of these questions and hopefully clear up any concerns you may have. There are other types of malware that… READ MORE

Zimbra Afip

We have prepared a guide with all kinds of help related to Zimbra AFIP so that you can know what its main functions and features are. If you are interested in learning about tax procedures or regulations in Argentina, stay with our guide, because you will see that it is not as complicated as you are imagining. Zimbra will allow you to make… READ MORE

What is .AAE file? Should you remove it?

Quite a few people report problems with .AAE files while uploading images. And they were confused when opening a photo especially when searching, they found much more than one such alternative. These images can be moved to your Windows or Mac. On Windows, this creates several inconveniences and irritates the user. Several … READ MORE

This way you can remove AutoIt v3 Script malware from Windows

Lately, quite a few infections of popular malware such as AutoIt v3 Script, a program with obscure objectives written using the AutoIt scripting language and the free utility AutoIt, have been detected. Initially, this utility is used to make serviceable scripts, but unfortunately some cyber criminals have used it for malicious code. I know … READ MORE

Download WordPad for free

WordPad for Windows 10 – An easy text editor that has the essential minimum of utilities for practical work inside. It makes it easy for you to change the text, edit it, format it. It is possible to change the fonts and styles, the construction of a table is usable. In the configuration part, you can modify the escrow in the … READ MORE

Download Unlocker for Windows for free

Unlocker is that wildcard utility that everyone on the planet must have downloaded as a whole. Faced with a setback at the time of opening your files, you will have the possibility of giving satisfaction to the moment regardless of the cause. Something that should be noted is that it is only usable in English, but it is so simple to … READ MORE

How to download music from YouTube to listen to it offline?

Do you want to download music from YouTube? The Internet brought us a whole world of options to listen to music without spending a lot or even doing it for free. If it is within your options, the best way to carry it out is through services in continuous use such as Spotify or Deezer, which … READ MORE

What is Google Mars?

You can examine many areas of the Earth in Google Earth. But did you take into account that the huge search engine also has a page in charge of Mars? Following the same beginning, the site makes it easy for someone to understand more about the red planet. Below, I'll explain what Google Mars is and introduce you to how to get in... READ MORE

Optimize PC: tips, tricks and 12 programs

It is quite likely that your PC is lagging a lot and it is also difficult for you to do the tasks you want, even the simplest ones. Right now is the moment to improve your PC so that it gains in agility by optimizing it, so that it can work normally. From Tecnonianos, we recommend these 12 free programs for … READ MORE

Discord Update Failed – Error Solution

Discord is an incredible application of the most common to be in communication and improve. However, several users have encountered an issue with the Discord Update Failed error, causing the program to fail to start. In most situations, Discord gets stuck in a failed renewal period… READ MORE

How to fix error 0xc000007b – in Windows 10, 8 and 7

It has happened to many of us that we want to play a game in Windows but, at the time of starting, a message appears, which tells us that The application could not be started correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close it. What does this mean? Well, it means that there is an incompatibility in the Visual libraries... READ MORE

Applications to know and decrypt WIFI passwords on Android

If you have reached this article, it is for two reasons. The first is because you are a faithful follower of all the content that we provide daily at, which we appreciate, or second because you are searching Google for applications to decrypt WiFi passwords for Android and, in addition to wanting to know them, you also want to know if they really work. … READ MORE

What is HappyMod and what is it used for?

Those of us who use Android have an option on the official website to be able to download the apps and games that we want, but we also have a very interesting alternative called HappyMod. You can also use it for free and without the need to install root or strange things. But maybe, you are wondering what kind of reliability does it have… READ MORE

How to Phish on Android

Again, and here I present the article how to carry out phishing on Android in a light and simple way in 2022. Android OS, is a very powerful system that can be used for basic and advanced purposes, as well as browsing the web to write apps for the same system, but through... READ MORE

The Best IPTV for PC

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is a way of communicating television content through the internet protocol. IPTV distribution of different digital content, using the Internet as the primary medium. In addition, use the live content that is broadcast through the subscribed TV. … READ MORE

The best Android emulators for PC

Today we will see which are the fastest Android emulators for PC so that you can use the OS apps with the green robot even on your home PC. In the beginning, emulators were mostly used by programmers, but little by little, even normal individuals had the need to use their… READ MORE

How to hack to have free NETFLIX in 2022

We are going to tell you how you can hack Netflix in a simple way and in this way, you can enjoy it on your iOs, Smart TV or PC. You won't need an APK file or anything like that. Even with Kali Linux or Bins, these very effective tricks that we have in front of you will work for you, but first… … READ MORE

Time.Windows.Com: Time Synchronization Error

Time is money, but all the money in the world can't buy you more time. For that reason all the gadgets you buy also detail the time, including your PC. What happens when doesn't work? You are in danger of falling behind in whatever you are doing. You need it much more than… READ MORE

Picuki: Browse Instagram profiles without an account

Paw to see content on instagram for free It is not something that can be carried out unless you have an account in the aforementioned interface. However, there are choices that can be used to achieve this, without the need to create an account in that community. Among which is Picuki. East … READ MORE

What TV channels does JAZZTEL offer? channel list

Jazztel is a brand of telecommunications services established in 1998 that works under Orange Spain and provides fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet and TV. It emerged as a British company that later migrated to Spain by the majority of investors, but in 2014 new negotiations began that lasted throughout … READ MORE

Install and use iPoGo for Pokemon GO plus alternative

In this tutorial we are going to see how iPoGo works. With this ap you will be able to play Pokémon from anywhere using a fake location. It is easy to use, efficient and very secure. What is iPoGo? iPoGo is a locality modification utility. It makes it easy for you to fake your location, so that you can play … READ MORE

Download Pokémon XY for Android in Spanish Drastic

The first thing we must mention in this regard is that, beyond the fact that several licensed games have been a true sales triumph in recent times, some of them stand out above the others, as in the case of Pokémon XY, which is what matters to us today. Pokémon X and… READ MORE

Whose phone is 662997080

If you have been called from the telephone number 662997080 and you want to understand who owns this telephone number, we inform you of criticism from other individuals and it may be a telephone marketing company that tries to capture users for the Vodafone telephone company. What they want is that change your telephone and ADSL contract… READ MORE

Review: Royal Kludge RK61 (60% keyboard with BT)

After investigating a TKL model of the brand, today we have with us the Royal Kludge RK61, a keyboard in 60% format that is usable with its own RK Brown switches, also offering ARGB LED lighting and Bluetooth connectivity. First of all, let's look at the technical information of the Royal Kludge RK61: Royal Kludge RK61 Dimensions 290 x … READ MORE

Sered, analysis and opinion of Galician hosting

Sered is a company born in La Rúa de Valdeorras (Galicia) in 2009. A small company that is giving a lot to talk about. It has numerous outsourced data centers located in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile. This Galician provider provides a very extensive range of services. Domain registration, shared hosting… READ MORE

Programs to Design Houses in 3G Free in Spanish

At this time we currently manage to find enough programs to create 3d houses that will accept us to do them as we wish, whether or not we are architects. In addition, all those people who want to tinker a bit with the issue of creating homes have the possibility of using it, although in any case it is designed for people who … READ MORE

Make money selling used underwear

Selling your used underwear is a very productive business. It is only necessary to calculate that a garment of more or less striking underwear can cost about six euros in Primark and once used, its value can be around between 35 and 65 euros. Taking out shipping costs and time … READ MORE

Gratorama Online Casino ᐈ Get up to $200 Bonus!

Default in the year 2008, Gratorama casino is an easy online casino, with a very narrow offer, but focused on a particular player profile. Its rooms are configured to suggest fun through video slots, scratch games and access to classic 3-reel games that captivate players... READ MORE

What is SMRecorder. Uses, Characteristics, Opinions, Prices

Sometimes you need to record a video of your desktop, or a specific area of ​​your workspace. This can be useful for samples, training or fun. SMRecorder is a video recording program for Windows that makes doing this task as easy as possible. SMRecorder displays a small video control panel when … READ MORE

ING App not working. Causes, Solutions, Alternatives

Do you want to understand why the ING Application does not work when entering it? It is possible that the ING Banking to go application does not work for you thanks to some inconveniences that your gadget may have or its inconvenience in connecting to a network. If you think the ING Banking to go app… READ MORE

How to fix “NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED” error? SOLVED

If we were given a dime for every user who comes to us for an SSL error, we'd be by far one of the richest in the world. But sadly we don't and we're not. However, that does not mean that we are going to stop guiding you as we can; this has inside to undertake the … READ MORE

Avast slow down my PC (Solution)

Why is Avast slowing down my PC? In most situations, Avast is not to blame for its performance drops. At the moment there is a succession of reasons why Avast could be slowing down his gadget. Let's take a look at some recurring things you might want to have in… READ MORE

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