The file specified for ISArcExtract (ISDone.dll) was not found - how to fix the error

The file specified for ISArcExtract (ISDone.dll) was not found - how to fix the error

When installing games and programs on their computer, users may encounter an error that has ISDone.dll in its header and the error text is No file specified for ISArcExtract found (or No file specified for ISArcExtract in English ). This error can occur after running game and program installers or, in some cases, self-extracting files in Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7.

This tutorial details how to troubleshoot the "No file specified for ISArcExtract" error, which may cause and additional information that may be helpful.

Table of Contents

Simple ways to fix the ISArcExtract error

Common causes of the ISArcExtract error and other ISDone.dll errors (for example, unarc.dll) include unsupported file paths, finding the installer within another file or image, and in some cases antivirus, both built-in and third-party, especially if one takes into account that this error is found more frequently by those who install games and programs that do not have the highest license.

Based on these most common causes, there are the following easy ways to fix the error:

  1. If the installation file you are running (for example, setup.exe) is in a folder whose full path contains Cyrillic characters, special characters, or spaces (or the file name itself contains them), move and rename the file so there are no such characters in your full path. For example, move it from the "Downloads" or "Desktop" folder (whose full path also contains your username, which can also be in Russian) to the root of the C: or D: drive, if the file name contains Russian characters or spaces - rename it, and then run it again and install it in the folder, the path of which also does not contain Russian characters.
  2. If the installation file of a game or program is inside an archive, then unzip that file in a folder before launching it, taking into account the first point and only after that run the installer.
  3. If you are not sure if it is a file, because you only have an executable .exe installer file, after running it and getting the error, try opening that file with an archive (such as WinRAR) as a normal file. If you see its content, unzip it to a common folder and install it from there.
  4. In case the installer is in an ISO image, try to run it not from an ISO image mounted on your system, but by first copying the entire contents of that image to a normal folder, again without Cyrillic or special characters in its full path.
  5. Check if the error appears if you disable the antivirus (if any).
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In most cases, one of the suggested methods solves the problem, and the error "No file specified for ISArcExtract" no longer appears.

Other possible causes of the error

In case the methods suggested above to correct the problem have not been effective, consider the following possible options:

  • The error can be caused by a file corrupted due to download errors, file system problems on the disk. You can try to download the file from another source (or download it again), if possible on another drive.
  • In rare cases, the problem in question is due to problems with the RAM of the computer or laptop or to overclocking the same.


If the suggested ways to fix the error helped, I would appreciate your comment on which approach was effective, perhaps this information will be useful for others as well.