No photos saved in Gallery on Android - why and what to do?

No photos saved in Gallery on Android - why and what to do?

Among the frequently asked questions owners of Android smartphones – why photos are not saved in Gallery and what to do in this case: sometimes there are no photos taken by the camera in Gallery, sometimes – photos from messengers, such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram or other applications are not are saved.

This guide details why photos may not be displayed or saved in Gallery on pure Android, Samsung Galaxy or other mobile phones and how to fix the problem depending on the specific situation.

Find out: Photos are not saved to Gallery or not saved to Android file system. First steps to solve the problem.

Before we proceed directly to the ways to fix the situation in question, let's talk about the Gallery application or its counterparts on various Android smartphones, the following nuances are important here:

  • Photos are never actually "saved" to Gallery: they are stored in folders on the internal memory or on the phone's Android memory card, and Gallery just browses the various memory locations and displays all the photos you've saved. found.
  • Different applications save photos in different folders, for example: DCIM for camera photos, Download for files downloaded from browsers and some applications, in the WhatsApp / Media folder for WhatsApp, at the back of the Telegram folders and Viber for the respective messengers.

Why It Matters: Most of the time, the problem is not that the photos have not been saved, but that for some reason the Gallery app has not detected new image folders on the device yet and that is why the one that you don't see the corresponding photos in it.

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Hence the first recommended action before proceeding with the following remedies to solve the problem:

  1. Open a file manager on your Android (for example, Files app on Samsung Galaxy, Google Files on pure Android, or something else - these may vary depending on the specific brand of phone or your preferences). Check if the photos you are looking for are in the corresponding folders on the internal memory and on the SD card or in the "Pictures" section (if available). If the image files are visible through the file manager, then there is nothing wrong with the storage: but for some reason the Gallery app cannot see these photos yet.
  2. If the photos are saved on Android, I recommend that you try a simple reset of your phone first. After restarting, go back to Gallery, check if the photos you want are in it.
  3. If the previous step didn't help (and you still have photos on your device), try clearing the cache and data in the Gallery app. To do it in a clean version of Android, go to Settings - Applications (or Applications and notifications) - Show all applications - Gallery (or the application you have instead of the gallery) - Storage and cache - Clear storage and Clear cache. On the Samsung Galaxy - Applications - Gallery - Storage - Clear data and Clear cache. On other devices, the steps will be more or less the same. After deleting, try to start the Gallery again and see if the photos are visible there.
  4. The Gallery application may vary depending on the device manufacturer and in some variants, when a new folder of photos is detected, this application asks if the contents of that folder should be displayed. If you answered "No" once, the photos will not appear in the Gallery until you allow the folder to be scanned. If you assume this is the reason, check your Gallery app settings to see if this is the case.
  5. For Gallery to display photos, that app must have the proper permissions. Check them out just in case: as in step 3, open the application settings and study the list of permissions: as a general rule, access to "Memory" must be enabled for the application to function properly, and sometimes the access to the «Chamber».
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If the problem has been solved, but later new photos or new folders do not appear in the Gallery again, the cause may be the battery saving mode, sometimes applications that automatically close the applications in the background to "clean" Android memory.

Camera photos are not saved in Gallery

If your Android camera photos are not visible in Gallery, but you can find them in the DCIM folder of the internal memory or on your memory card, first try the steps in the first part of the instructions above. If there is no photo on your phone, try the following solutions:

  1. Go to Settings - Applications - Camera (the path may vary, for example: Settings - Applications or Applications and notifications - Show all applications - Camera). Under "Memory" or "Storage and Cache", clear the app cache and data. Under Permissions, make sure that Memory access is enabled and ideally all permissions requested by the application are in the "Allowed" state.
  2. Update the Camera app when updates are available. Through Play Market, the steps are as follows: open Play Market and click on the profile icon, then - Manage applications and device. If "Updates available" appears, click on "More", search for the "Camera" application and, if available, update it.
  3. Go to the settings of the camera application (from the application itself, not through the Android settings) and try changing where the photos are stored (for example, put "Device memory" instead of "SD card " or vice versa).

Finally, if your phone memory is full, try deleting unnecessary files and large applications, perhaps the cause of the problem is the lack of free space to store new photos.

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How to save WhatsApp photos in Gallery, information for other messengers

Some messengers automatically save all photos from chats to your android phone. You can use the file manager to check if photos and other images have been saved, even if they are not visible in Gallery:

  • For WhatsApp - By default, the photos are saved in the internal memory in the WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images folder.
  • For Telegram - The photos are stored in the Telegram / Telegram Images folder in the internal memory or on the memory card (depending on the settings made in the interface of the app itself).
  • Viber stores photos in the Viber / Viber Images folder, as long as photo storage is enabled in messenger settings. The way to activate it is: Settings - Data and Multimedia - Save to Gallery.

Also, if there is an "Albums" tab in the Gallery app, look there, you may see photos of your messenger there, like in the screenshot below.

If there are photos in the above locations, use the methods in the first part of this article to get those same photos to appear in the Gallery. If there are no photos in the folders above or in any other, try:

  1. Clear the cache and data of WhatsApp or another messenger. To do this (example of WhatsApp), go to Settings - Applications - WhatsApp (the path may vary, for example: Settings - Applications or Applications and notifications - Show all applications - WhatsApp). In Memory or Storage & Cache, clear the app cache and data.
  2. There, in the app settings, check that you have the necessary permissions: specifically, "Memory" and "Camera".
  3. Check for updates for the messenger in the Play Market. If updates are available, install them.

Warning: If you use the camera, messenger or any other application in a separate secure folder (such as on some Samsung mobile phones), you will not see the photos in the gallery out of this secure folder and will have to be transferred separately to the public domain (usually possible using the built-in file manager).

Hopefully one of the suggested methods works for you. If you can suggest your own ways to fix the problem, I'll be happy to read them in the comments. Do you have any questions or is the situation different from this? - ask, may there be a solution.