Top 10 Examples of Ridiculous Business Logos

Top 10 Examples of Ridiculous Business Logos

Marketers and designers are creative people, which means they are not always capable of being critical of their own creativity. This, along with the collusion of their managers, leads to all kinds of curious situations. Today's review includes the most ridiculous company logos.

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This logo was designed by a British company specifically for the UK Department of State Trade, for which £14.000 was budgeted. That would have been nice, but the logo was printed on pens, and standing upright (pictured right) doesn't look as official as government officials demanded.

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In the wake of scandals involving Catholic priests and high officials, the United States is scrutinizing every textbook, magazine or website for material that in any way hints at pedophilia. But Arlingtonians can only laugh at such censorship, seeing the logo of the local pediatric center every day.

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The Kids Exchange store management made a similar mark by putting up a sign with no spaces. It's hard to believe that none of the employees at the children's mall noticed anything strange (“Kids Sex Change”).

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However, there are few complaints about the creators of this PC service and the assembly logo. A mouse, just a computer mouse.

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It's great that the sign for this dental clinic has the word Dental next to the logo. This causes the brain to automatically switch to dentists and no more porn in the picture.

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And this orientalist institute (presumably located in Brazil) demonstrates very well the damage of stereotyped thinking. The author could not come up with anything better than to depict a roof of traditional oriental architecture against the background of a huge rising sun. The result is obvious.

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Judging by the sign, this school teaches cheerleading and hip-hop dancing. The logo, I assume, shows a couple dancing to jazz. Or is it a bust of one of the cheerleaders?

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Trendy Italian clothing brand, no comment needed.

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And this is the logo chosen by a New England maple syrup company.

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It is difficult to say for what exact reason the company went bankrupt megaflicks from Florida, but the logo could have been a good excuse.

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