What to do if the confirmation codes from Instagram do not arrive

What to do if the confirmation codes from Instagram do not arrive

Option 1: Problems on the Instagram side

The most obvious reason for problems receiving confirmation codes from Instagram, be it mobile number messages or emails, comes down to failures on the part of the social network. Unfortunately, there are no official methods to identify these types of problems, but it is quite possible to visit a third-party online service at the link below.

Instagram page about the Downdetector service

If a large enough number of bugs is detected and reported by users, it will be mentioned at the top of the page. In this case, it will be enough to wait a while without using Instagram and try to resend the code in the future.

Option 2: Errors when submitting the code

It may happen that the confirmation code by SMS or email does not arrive due to errors during automatic sending, for example, when the password is recovered. As a general rule, if the social network is not malfunctioning as mentioned in the first section of the instructions, using the link to forward the message may be a viable solution.

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Note that the right button may not be present in different situations, as it requires a long wait. If this still doesn't work, there is probably some other reason for the problem.

Option 3: Lock with confirmation code

Another fairly common thing that prevents you from receiving confirmation codes from Instagram is the automatic blocking of incoming emails by email or special services of some companies. In the first case, it will be enough to visit the folder "Spam". and open an email from the social network, subsequently blocking emails from this address if necessary.

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If there are no emails on the phone, the reason for the block may be a previously connected service that allows you to secure your number against spam. To solve the problem, in any case, you will have to contact the operator and clarify if this may be the reason and, if necessary, deactivate the service in the most convenient way.

Option 4: Operator network malfunction

Despite the last place in the instructions, a very common cause of problems with receiving confirmation codes from Instagram can be cell phone malfunction. Most of the time this is accompanied by a total lack of signal, but it may be that most of the functions are available, while messages do not arrive, regardless of the source.

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To check, you can visit the operator's page on the aforementioned Downdetector service, which is not difficult to find, or contact the technical service directly. You can also verify the presence of the problem if the messages do not come from several sources at the same time, with which there were no problems before, not only from the social network in question.

Temporary solution to the problem

If you cannot get a confirmation code from Instagram to access your account specifically, a temporary solution may be to provide an email or, failing that, a mobile phone number. In this case, the message will arrive at the specified address with the possibility of reestablishing access without requiring additional data.

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Unfortunately, this will not work if you use two-factor authentication, as you will need a phone number linked to the account anyway. However, even so, there remains at least one additional solution.

Contact the helpdesk

Creating an appeal to the Instagram support team can help if you are sure that the problem is not caused by any of the factors mentioned above. To do this, you will have to visit a separate section of the mobile application and describe the situation in as much detail as possible, if necessary, specifying the address of the desired account.

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