What to do if the links in Telegram do not open

What to do if the links in Telegram do not open

Option 1: External links

If you have trouble opening links to external resources (for example, a YouTube video), the problem is not on the messenger side.

  1. The most common and obvious is that you have problems accessing the Internet on your device. It is possible that you have run out of Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, or that your connection settings are faulty Read more: Solve Internet problems in Windows / Android / iOS
  2. The next possible problem is a malfunction of the resource you want to go to. You can check it using various services, for example Down for everyone or just me.Open the service page

    Follow the link above in any browser and on any device, find the page input box, type the address of the site you are having trouble accessing, and click "Or just me?".

    If you see a message with the text "It's only you"the problem is on your side, but if the inscription says "It's not just you"the resource is not available globally.

    In the same category is the blocking of access to the site by state law enforcement agencies, and recently the practice of doing so has become almost ubiquitous. The only solution, other than waiting to be unblocked, is to use a VPN connection.

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Option 2: Telegram internal links

The internal links of Telegram refer to those that lead to groups, channels, profiles and publications. They usually look the same:


If the Telegram client application (both the PC version and the mobile version for Android and iOS / iPadOS) is installed, you should respond to those links and immediately open the interface.

The web version, on the other hand, does not respond to the transition, even though it is open in the adjacent tab.

Therefore, it is necessary to install the client software in order to fully use these links. It is important to note that the portable version for Windows, which does not require installation, does not work either, since most browsers focus on system registry entries, which this version of the application does not do. If the client is installed, but an error occurs when clicking the link, the system may not be able to process the request due to a software glitch. To fix this problem, you have to reconfigure Telegram as the proper application by default.


The solution to the task at hand in Windows is to use the plugin «Parameters»where the default values ​​for the protocols are selected and the schedule for the protocol is set “URL: Telegram link”.

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The problem in question does not appear often in Green Robot, but it can be fixed with a few simple steps.

    1. Call to "Settings". as you want and navigate there to the section "Appendices and notices.".
    2. Open the block here. "Additional features" and click on the line "Default applications".
    3. Then use the following items "Navigating the links". - "Instant Launch App Settings".
    4. In this window, scroll through the list to position "Telegram"and tap on it Make sure the option "Open compatible links" in position "Allow the application to open compatible links" o Always asking.And if it isn't, go to it and set what you want.

The internal Telegram links should now open in the client application.


Due to its special features, apple's mobile operating system automatically suggests opening internal links in a suitable application, without manual settings for customization.

We are glad that we have been able to help you with your problem.

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