Can a tea bag be brewed more than once?

Can a tea bag be brewed more than once?

Tea bags have become a very useful invention, which allows you to quickly prepare a delicious and tonic drink. And while the sachet is considered disposable, nothing prevents you from using it over and over again. It's no secret that many of us go back to brewing tea bags. Some do it out of a desire to save money, while others do it for rational reasons. Why throw away the bag when you can make more than one more cup of tea?

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How many times can you brew tea bags

Only this technique is quite controversial. Some say that repeated brewing of the tea makes it almost poisonous, causing numerous ailments from ulcers to impotence. On the other hand, tea ceremony aficionados initially despise tea bags, but find remaking tea perfectly natural. Some even argue that the tea bags are made with third-rate material and even dyed powder. And the fabric of the bags itself raises questions: is it so safe to use it in hot water? Or perhaps the myths about the evils of the second brew are cultivated by the tea producers themselves to boost their sales?

The experts decided to check whether it is possible to brew tea bags of different brands several times. The experts were interested in whether there was anything useful left in the cup after several infusions. Tea bags from the ten most popular brands in Russia were used in the test. When first prepared, most bags turned water a saturated amber color in twenty seconds. But this is not at all indicative: some expensive teas even need to be brewed several times to reveal their taste. The first soak simply soaks the leaves in water and awakens them, while the second infusion releases the precious essential oils. The color of the brew is not a clear indicator of the quality of the tea. Its taste is determined by essential oils and tannins, but there are also a lot of them in a pale-colored drink. Natural coloring agents are responsible for its formation.

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But is it of any practical use? Do the sachets provide the right serving of tannins and caffeine the next time they are prepared? Tests have shown that significant amounts of nutrients are retained only in the first three firings. All subsequent attempts to prepare the tea deprived it of its tonic substances, giving the drink only color.

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Plastic tea bags can be dangerous

The active use of plastic tea bags may not be safe, according to scientists. The hot water causes the bag to release several billion micro and nanoparticles of plastic. It is unlikely that this "broth" is healthy for our body. It is not for nothing that tea devotees recommend preparing it without bags.

These are unbiased scientific conclusions. But sometimes you feel like tea so much and the shops are closed… It's not a crime to repack your suitcase for a cozy home-cooked meal.

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