Turn on sound in Zoom on your phone

Turn on sound in Zoom on your phone

Activation of incoming sounds

By default, any sound coming into Zoom on your mobile phone it is activated automatically regardless of the state of the application's internal settings, but can be deactivated during a communication session, even by accidentally pressing the corresponding buttons. Also, do not forget about the functions of the device itself, as many users deliberately mute various sound sources on a regular basis.

Method 1: Conference Setup

    1. If you can hear your caller during a call, but you can't hear anyone, tap the speaker icon on the left side of the top toolbar to turn on speakerphone. You can also hold the device up to your ear and use the conversational speaker, which will work either way if the app and device are working properly.
    2. The absence of the indicated icon, as well as the inoperability of all the audio sources and the microphone, can be corrected by pressing the key "Connect the sound." on the left side of the bottom toolbar. When you use this function, an additional window will appear on the screen in which you must select "Wi-Fi or send cellular data" and after applying the settings, manually activate the microphone if necessary.

    1. Unlike a normal participant in a conference, each leader can affect the sound of other users, albeit without the tools to force the microphone. To use the privileges, at the bottom of the screen press the button "Participants".Select the user you want to listen to and in the pop-up window press the option "Ask".Similar on the same page. "Participants". you can expand the menu "..." on the right side of the screen and select "Ask everyone to turn on the sound". In either case, each user you've asked to turn on the microphone will receive a notification with the option to turn on output sounds for all callers.

Also, note that from the menu "Silence for all" you can activate the function “Allow participants to turn on their sound”which, once disabled, will prevent all participants other than the hosts from turning on their microphone. So if users are complaining about the restrictions, be sure to check this section of the settings, or at least send the above notification about enabling, which will automatically open up the possibility of a microphone state change.

Method 2: System Settings

If you can't turn on incoming Zoom sounds by changing the app's settings, the problem is most likely caused by an incorrect operating system setting or a device malfunction. Most of the time the main cause is silent mode, something that happens mostly on iPhones and OnePlus, where there is a physical mode switch, or low volume levels.

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After changing the system settings appropriately, be sure to test the operation of the device by running another application or making a test call in any convenient way. If there is no sound in any app, you can do a reset or contact a service center immediately, otherwise simply uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom will suffice.

Turn on the microphone

You can enable your own microphone in Zoom on your phone through the app's internal settings or by using special options on the main conference screen. Please note that the creator of a group call can forcibly impose restrictions on audio streaming by other users, which cannot be circumvented by themselves.

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Don't forget about the operating system settings that can prevent the microphone from turning on, for example, if you selected the option during the first connection "Deactivate". in the sound usage message. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to change the default sound source on the mobile device, so even during screen casts, third-party system sounds will not be played.

We are glad that we were able to help you with the problem.


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