ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer

Control ActiveX -they are a kind of small applications through which websites can display video content, as well as games. On the one hand, they help the user to interact with said content on web pages, but on the other hand, ActiveX elements can cause damage, since sometimes they may not work correctly and other users can use them to collect information about their PC, corrupt their data. and other malicious actions. Therefore, the use of ActiveX should be justified in any browser, including Internet Explorer.

The following explains how changes can be made to ActiveX settings for Internet Explorer and how controls can be filtered in this browser.

ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7)

ActiveX filtering in Internet Explorer 11 helps prevent the installation of suspicious applications and prohibits sites from using these programs. To perform ActiveX filtering, perform the following sequence of actions.

It should be noted that when ActiveX filtering is performed, some interactive content from the sites may not be displayed

  • Open Internet Explorer 11 and click the icon Service in the form of a gear in the upper right corner (or the Alt + X key combination). Then, in the menu that opens, select the option Securityand click ActiveX filtering. If successful, a check mark will appear next to this list item
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Consequently, if you need to disable control filtering, this flag should be deselected.

It is also possible to remove ActiveX filtering only for certain sites. To do this, take the following actions.

  • Open the site for which you want to allow ActiveX
  • In the address bar, click the filter icon
  • Then click the button Disable ActiveX filtering

Configuring ActiveX Settings in Internet Explorer 11

  • In Internet Explorer 11, click the icon Service gear in the upper right corner (or Alt + X key combination) and select Browser properties
  • In the window. Browser properties click on tab Security and press the button. Others …

  • In the window. Parameters find the article ActiveX controls and their plug-in modules
  • Make the adjustments that you consider appropriate. For example, to activate the option Automatic ActiveX control requests and click the button. Activate

It should be noted that if you cannot change the ActiveX control settings, you must enter the administrator password of the PC

Due to security enhancements, Internet Explorer 11 cannot run ActiveX controls, but if you are sure of the site, you can always change these settings.

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