Zimbra Afip

We have prepared a guide with all kinds of help related to Zimbra AFIP and so that you can know what its main functions and characteristics are.

If you are interested in learning about tax procedures or regulations in Argentina, stay with our guide, because you will see that it is not as complicated as you are imagining.

Zimbra It will allow you to perform many administration tasks once you create your individual or company profile.

We are going to see its main aspects and those that we must take into account.

What is the Zimbra system?

We speak of a the service that gives the opportunity to send information between individuals, both internally and externally.

Its occupation is similar to that of some other mail service, such as Google's Gmail.

In this way, through its interface, it facilitates some more functions, such as communicating calendars, scheduling appointments, creating contacts, for example.

Zimbra It is usual for the quality of the service it provides, having an acceptable agility, in contrast to some similar utilities and practical functions.

What can be done with Zimbra AFIP?

To explain a little more about the functions that we are going to be able to find within the Zimbra AfipLet's look at this list of options:

  1. Add contacts, make contact lists
  2. Search by name
  3. Task manager
  4. Sending messages
  5. Sending files
  6. Personalization Dashboard
  7. multiple shipments
  8. Insert custom signatures
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How to login to Zimbra AFIP

To be able to use the post manager by means of AFIP, it is required to enter the interface through your web portal.

How to login to Zimbra AFIP

For that, we will enter from the following link:

To be able to use the service, you must first log in to the interface. For that we must enter username and password in the data fields.

These username and password are the same as those used to enter the AFIP profile, that is, those assigned to the register with AFIP for affiliation and make a CUIT.

In addition, it is feasible to select in what type of version of Zimbra AFIP you want to enter, if the menu that says "versions" is displayed

Zimbra AFIP Version

In these we will find:

  1. Default
  2. Advanced
  3. Standard
  4. Mobile

Completing the fields username and password and choosing the corresponding edition, we will be able to enter the Webmail or Zimbra panel.

How to compose and send an email in Zimbra AFIP

However, having the account and when you have entered into the panel of Zimbra, at this moment comes the part of writing an email through Webmail.

How to write and send an email in Zimbra AFIP

To achieve this, we must:

  1. Select the tab “Write” You will find the same in the upper tabs with the “Address Book” “calendar” and “Tasks” settings.
  2. Write who the email will be addressed to. You can write the address or export it from your contact book in Zimbra AFIP.
  3. Write the subject of the message. In this field we must put something like this as a "title" for the mail.
  4. Press the “send” alternative that appears in the settings above the recipient and subject fields, when you have finished writing the message.
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Adding attachments to a Zimbra email in AFIP

At this time that we already teach how write an email of text and send it to a specific recipient, let's see how to add files to a mail or email.

Add attachments to a Zimbra email in AFIP

  1. The first thing we will have to do is detect the option “Add attachment” that is among the settings above.
  2. This will open an upload window that will have the settings for “Browse”, “Attach” and “Delete”
  3. Press the option “Browse” and search in the corresponding gadget for the file that you want to add to the mail.
  4. Once you have attached the files you want to send, click on the “Attach” option that appears at the bottom of the box.
  5. After adding the files and having finished writing the email, you have to click on the “send” option that appears at the beginning of the settings, in the upper bar.

As you can see in the image, you have the possibility of adding numerous images or documents for each email sent; but you have the possibility of adding more than the fields that are seen, using the option “Add more attachments”

AFIP and Zimbra official site

In order to start using the services of Zimbra Webmail through the interface offered by AFIP, it is first required to be registered in the system.

AFIP and Zimbra official site

In addition to this, it is also required to have a user with a rank greater than 2 and to have an exclusive tax code.

These procedures have the possibility of being done both online and in the different AFIP offices located in different sectors of the country.

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If at the moment you don't have AFIP account and you have to do the first procedures, you have to go to your official site and continue the necessary steps to be able to register as a taxpayer.

To achieve this, you have to enter the link of the AFIP official website from the following link:

Regarding Zimbra specifically, it has its login panel which can be accessed through this link:

Within which you will have the possibility of operating with shipping and receiving emails, sending and receiving files, creation of contact lists, for example benefits.

Support website and direct contact with Zimbra support

For those of you who are trying to find a Sustenance channel or a descriptive support guide on the services of Zimbra Webmail, they will be able to enter these options:

Within the forum, you will have the possibility to scroll through different topics that clarify concerns similar to recurring queries when using the webmail services for starters.

If you can't find the information you're trying to find, you can use your account to make a new topic so moderators or other individuals on the forum can resolve your concerns or complaints.