Age of Empire 3: Cheats to get items

You are eager to get items and resources in Age of Empire 3, then do not lose your cool because in the next article we will give you all the tricks so that you can get what you want.


Age of Empire 3

The Age of Empire III as it is called in Spanish is a fun adventure and war game, which allows us as players to achieve unique experiences; which generate a great investment of time, allowing us to spend moments of great entertainment.

Like other similar games the cheats Age of Empire 3, they are activated in a simple way; You just have to press the "Enter" key during a game and the chat panel will open, then you place the cheat command, press "Enter" again and that's it, the cheat is activated; get more information about this type of game by visiting the following post  5 Best Selling Games .

Basic Cheats of Age of Empire 3

Most of these cheats are only activated in single player mode, they are not available at the moment in multiplayer actions; so take it into account to avoid confusion. In the same way, use only lowercase letters and copy it as we describe it, the colon is not part of the code.

  • this is too hard - automatically beat another player's map.
  • The recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese: pets will get fat immediately.
  • X marks the spot: View the map, the fog of war remains. You should not repeat it because if you do, you will not see the progress of the buildings that are or were under construction.
  • speed always wins: increases 100 times more all the processes that are being carried out, such as unit design, construction, etc.
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For units

When cheats are activated through certain codes, we then get a greater and unique experience. Among other things, they get more Gold, which helps to improve some skills.

  • sooo good - comic texts are displayed on the screen just when a unit is eliminated or a building is destroyed.
  • ya gotta make do with what ya got: Form the so-called Mediocre Bombard right at the supply point of your hometown, it is a lethal artillery piece that destroys everything in its path using Capybaras.
  • Canada 2005: You will see a Laser Bear.
  • where's that ax ?: summon George Crushington.
  • don't kick the pitbull: it offers you a Learicorn, which is a unicorn rider who wears a tuxedo.
  • wuv woo vol.2: a Flying Purple Tapir appears.
  • we <3 fluffy! 1 !: The ugliest dog in the world named Fuffy is spawned.
  • wee ooh wee ooh - create a BigAndy Monster Truck.

If you want to get additional resources just activate the following codes:

  • Give me liberty or give me coin - award 10.000 coins.
  • <Censored> (without spaces): gives you 10.000 wood.
  • Medium Rare Please: Get 10.000 food items.
  • mustard relish and burning oil - a vehicle named Flaming Hot Dog Cart appears.
  • a whole lot of love: You get 10.000 of each of the supplies.
  • Nova & Orion: Grants you 10.000 XP.

Cheats for the Asian Dynasties version of Age of Empire 3

This version is similar and has some cheats that are activated only in this expansion, you can also activate the cheats named above and only if you are in player mode.

  • a whole lot of love: they give you 10.000 of each of the supplies.
  • trade plz: Added 10.000 export.
  • Shiver me timbers! - Damage and eliminate all ships.
  • ding ding ding - summon a vehicle like Monster Ice Cream Truck, a kind of ice cream cart.
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Some recommendations

In this type of action that we are going to describe below, it is not necessary to use codes or cheats, they are recommendations that help you improve your game. We will tell you how you can use the mouse and the pitch in a way in which it serves you to obtain certain advantages.

Create settlers and villagers

It is applicable in all versions of the saga. During the game try to keep your Town center active; keep him busy creating settlers and villagers while you're not advancing to the next era, every time they finish an activity send them to other nearby resources to keep producing.

Focus on gathering resources

Either way you can get resources in Age of Empires 3, it is important to keep collecting livestock, food and game species for the active population. He also builds farms, cattle pens, and various buildings out of fallen abysses.

Another way to get food is by following the herds, you can always get it to provide food for a part of the population. Remember to also visit the mines to collect the gold.


Another important trick to advance in Age of Empire 3 is doing explorations. The map is a large area which must be known to the player; Other areas where business can be generated and even look for commercial inclusions that allow products to be placed should be appreciated.

If the map is explored, you will really know where to get infinities of resources and obtain new lands for its development. Over time they will be able to become military barracks that will protect your city.

Enter the Discoveries era

It is a good option at the beginning of the game, you should go as soon as possible to the era of discovery. There will be more possibility to grow and obtain greater individual well-being and for the entire population; Remember to establish a large financial base, which can help you develop your empire from there.

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Never forget, visit it from time to time, as well as process shipping calls from there. Try not to accumulate resources so that they are not lost later; It is a good trick to eventually request villagers and workers from the hometown, it will always be a good supplier.

Final Tips on Age of Empire 3

Know the game Age of Empire 3 to download in its entirety and being able to explore the map, there you will be able to know where the resources are and which empires or city have more development. Negotiate and try to always bring the possibility of knowing some trade alternatives between them.

Use all the resources offered in this article to advance more firmly in each of the stages of the game. With the tricks you will be able to advance more efficiently, and if you use the crack age of empire 3 it will help you improve the gaming experience.