Age of Mythology The Titans: Cheats, Keys and Much More

You want to know all the video game alternatives Age of mythology the Titans. Then do not stop reading the following post, where we will give you some tricks that will help you adhere more to this fascinating game.

Age of Mythology The Titans

Considered a greatly expanded version of the original game, it is also believed to be one of the best video games of its kind. Based on strategy and time actions, Age of Mythology the Titans helps you dominate Gods from the various mythologies of the world.

As well Age of mythology the titans is downloadable from any platform. The codes that we will describe below are intended only for the initial editions of the game; as well as for expansion Age of Mythology: the titans expansion  and the Tale of the dragon version, they work only in the campaign mode and are not suitable for the multiplayer type of game.

The basic cheats of Age of Mythology the Titans

Tricks and abilities are activated by pressing the «Enter» key on the main screen during the game; A small chat or dialog box appears, where you must place the code.

  • TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE: they give you 1000 units of wood, you can place it in multiple opportunities and they will give you unlimited wood.
  • ATM OF EREBUS: 1000 units of gold are generated, and like wood if you enter it several times you will have unlimited Gold.
  • JUNK FOOD NIGHT: You get 1000 units of food, placing it several times gives you unlimited food.
  • WUV WOO: They give you a pink flying purple hippo which leaves a rainbow trail.
  • L33T SUPA H4X0R: Building constructions speed up and get up immediately.
  • BAWK BAWK BOOM: You will have power to facilitate chicken meteor shower.
  • PANDORAS BOX: You get a quartet of random type powers.
  • GOATUNHEIM: You turn all the units on the map into goats.
  • OR CANADA: A bear with the Canadian flag appears, which shoots laser beams and is practically invincible.
  • THRILL OF VICTORY: You win immediately.
  • LAY OF THE LAND: The map is revealed in its entirety.
  • WRATH OF THE GODS: Gain divine earthquake, tornado, storm, and meteor powers.
  • CONSIDER THE INTERNET: The game slows down in all movements.
  • LETS GO! NOW !: increases the speed of the game, you must leave two spaces between Go and NOW.
  • UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT: Stop showing you the map.
  • CHANNEL SURFING: You advance to the next stage of the campaign.
  • SET UP: All the animals on the map are unlocked and you can control them.
  • ENGINEERED GRAIN: They get more food, through the exaggerated fattening of animals.
  • RED TIDE - turns the water red as blood and the fish turn into insect clouds.
  • TINES OF POWER: Ta awarded Forkboy, a giant farmer.
  • I WANT TEH MONKEYS !!! 1 !: You are awarded an army of monkeys.
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION: You recharge all divine powers.
  • IN DARKEST NIGHT: Change the light tone of the game, having 4 brightness options.
  • ISIS HEAR MY PLEA: You are directly awarded the heroes of the campaign.
  • FEAR THE FORAGE: Get the power of the walking bushes.
  • MONDAY: Increase the difficulty of enemy AI Artificial Intelligence.
  • TITANOMACHY: You get a titan.
  • ZENOS PARADOX: Gives you random powers, including that of the Atlanteans.
  • ATLANTIS REBORN: You have the Atlantean heroes.
  • TINFOIL HAT Units are passed to another owner.
  • RESET BUTTON: all the buildings on the map disappear.
  • BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK: You get a very healthy dog.
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Other tricks in Age Of Mythology The Titans

There are also a series of tricks that do not necessarily have to be applied with codes, Some only depend on the skills and knowledge of the player, let's see:

How to fast forward?

Use 12 to 16 villagers to collect food; then place 9 to gather wood and another 9 to collect Gold in this way the progress in the collection is doubled and they serve for the stages of supremacy and conquest, but you can also apply the following:

  • Build three to four houses simultaneously
  • Build all the houses you can still build.
  • Build around four military structures, communal houses if you are a Nordic, churches and other constructions.
  • If you want to win quickly, train a lot of units and attack after exploring.
  • Increase the number of villagers, look for experienced people you know them because the citizen is equal to 3 regular villagers, and a hero is worth 4 villagers.
  • With regard to food, collect up to 30 thousand units of food after advancing to the heroic age or the third age, as well as 15 thousand of gold and wood.
  • Make attacks from two different sides, this confuses the enemy and will not be able to know where your main troop is.
  • Advance to the mythical age and collect powerful units; these are most effective against enemies like colossi and mummies.
  • If you can get water you should fish mostly in the highlands.
  • Use the terrain diligently; If the center of your population is on an island you can train ballistae, this serves to sink enemy ships and drown soldiers.
  • If you are playing as an Egyptian, use the walls with defense and attack, they are composed of good armor and contain several points of life; you can build towers behind them to destroy your opponents.
  • Manage the map well, locate the areas where you can build towers around gold mines and place guards, this prevents enemy attacks.
  • Prepare as many villagers as you can.
  • Do not worship Athena especially if you want to train cavalry, she only gives benefits to infantry affecting cavalry units.
  • Manage the powers of the gods efficiently, do not waste the meteors, use them only at the door of the titans and not to eliminate guards.
  • Upgrade the armory if you do not optimize it you will lose everything. If you have good weapons, even a hoplite can defeat another champion hoplite.
  • Many people end up losing as all they do is return to their champion soldiers. With all of your armory upgrades complete, a heavy hoplite can even defeat a champion hoplite without these upgrades.
  • Explore at all times it is necessary to know your enemy, their artillery fleets and everything related to their armies.
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There is the option to download Age of mythology the titans in full free Spanish for PC On various platforms and sites, you just have to know which ones are the most reliable.