Agent A for iPhone and iPad: a stylish spy puzzle game

Agent A for iPhone and iPad: a stylish spy puzzle game

Games whose outcome makes you radically reconsider how you feel about them as a whole often have justifiable misgivings. Here's an example. Agent A for iPhone and iPad, all the way, it is a very elegant and attractive point and click puzzle game, devoid of most of the flaws that usually plague projects in this category.

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in the puzzle Agent A The player is asked to pose as a secret agent to find and disarm the cunning and dangerous spy Ruby La Rouge. The latter may have been conceived by the creators as some variant of "femme fatale", but her history of mischief deprives her of any hint of charm. Notably, it is revealed early in the game that she has blown up an entire ship and sent more than a handful of innocent people to their deaths.

But with the windows of her chalet facing the sea and the shipwreck still in her wake, the secret police can't locate her. And only agent A seems to be able to find the origin of the daring spy's intrigue.

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As in all point-and-click action games, the agent a The player will have to search for items, collect them, and from time to time, combine them with other things to solve puzzles. All the action will take place in Ruby La Rouge's mansion, whose numerous rooms and rooms will have to be searched, trying to find both the villain herself and the evidence of her participation in espionage and murder.

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What really impresses about the game is an inherent harmony: there seems to be nothing superfluous in it. However, there isn't. Agent A and complex puzzles, but each of them is directly related to the plot and focused on the very process of catching the villain, which shifts the focus of attention directly from the puzzles. At the same time, there is not a single unnecessary element that gets in the way, which goes against the logic of the narrative and the game as a whole. Also, the controls are as smart as possible and therefore very easy to learn.

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And it is precisely because of this general foldability and lack of roughness that this project is not recommended for fans of the genre who see its main charm in the most complex puzzles. There will be none here, nor in Agent A and explosive plot twists. A calm, fluid and exemplary "soft" game, in which everything is in its place and no surprises, good or bad, are foreseen.

The Agent A game is a puzzle series with five chapters:

1. "Undercover Puzzle"
2. "The persecution continues."
3. "The Ruby Trap."
4. "By a hair."
5. "The Last Hit"

Download Agent A for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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