What is Alienworlds?

Technians have been able to understand that the in-game currency, Trilium (TLM token symbol), encourages browsers to have fun and stake to win. The planets within the metaverse are decentralized autonomous organizations that receive Trilium per day from the smart contracts of the central metaverse.

Browsers get involved through mining obtaining and renting land and voting for a form of government based on balanced interrelation of the State, civil society and the market, which seeks to achieve a cheap, popular and permanent institutional advance.

That form of government can or does harm Trilium payments. The Alien Worlds metaverse is extensible because the planets are independent and have the possibility of lend their own user interfaces and gaming NFTs.

alien worlds

How do I start having fun in Alien Worlds?

To start having fun, To obtain Trilium (TLM) and have the possibility of collecting NFT you have to enter https://wallet.wax.io/ and login to enter the game: https://play.alienworlds.io/

Then you go to the Mining Hub, and you click mine. Wait for the extraction time to elapse, and then click Complain, when that link is displayed.

By clicking on Claim, will be presented the proportion of Trilium (TLM) you have gainedeither. Also, if you have mined an NFT, it will be seen in your WAX Cloud-based wallet inventory.

What is Staking?

Players have the possibility to "stake" their Trilium on a planet and, later on, have the right to vote in that DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Voting is going to be used initially to select Planetary Councilors from your planet.

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Planetary Councilors will have the right to oversee Planetary Trilium assignments, in addition to other leadership capabilities.

Applications and Trilium

If you want to become a candidate for the leadership of your planet, you can create an account to apply as a Planetary Advisor.

Trilium is a multi-chain token for the individuals of Alien Worlds to store and use for many game features.

This requires individuals to be able to carry their Trilium via chains. The functionality has been available since April 13, 2021, as well as vra crypto.

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