How does Amazon Music Unlimited work for free? costs and benefits

Looking for a great alternative option to listen to music other than Spotify? Then you have to see this article where we explain how Amazon Music Unlimited works or works and understand the costs and benefits that you can get from this new platform.

Music Unlimited released by Amazon, the huge giant shark of online shopping, is an audio streaming service with fifty million songs and is ready to challenge not only Spotify, but also Google and Apple and whoever gets in its way.

How Amazon Music Unlimited works

The service Amazon Music Unlimited gives remarkable benefits to those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Prime subscribers have the ability to enter their sampler and listen to a higher than 40 hours per month. By subscribing to the service, on the other hand, you will have the possibility of listening to a sample that is made up of about 50 million songs without parameters. Listening can be done both from the Web, on a PC, through the correct program and finally from Android and iOS mobile phones.

You can listen to your favorite singers or bands, meet new ones and accept recommendations from Amazon. There's also no shortage of personalized stations and dedicated playlists. Having mentioned the above, let us observe in the following paragraphs. how Amazon Music Unlimited works.

How to turn on Amazon Music Unlimited

To subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, you must first have an Amazon account. After subscribing to Prime, as already said at the beginning of the article, it makes it easier for you to achieve remarkable virtues in relation to costs.

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If you're not a Prime subscriber, you can take a look at this article: How Amazon Prime Works: Costs and Benefits.

If you have already enabled Amazon Prime, go to Amazon Music Unlimited Home and tap the link Subscribe right now. Sign in, if required, and choose the type of subscription that interests you most.

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost?

How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost?

In Amazon Music Unlimited, you can subscribe to various types of subscriptions.

  • Individual subscription: by registering you will have the possibility of exploiting the time offer with a limit of 0,99 euros per month over 4 months. At the end of the 4 months the payment will be 9,99 euros per month.
  • Family subscription: by registering you can turn on up to 6 family accounts at the total price of 14,99 euros per month.
  • Single Annual Subscription: when you register you will pay 99 euros per year with savings of up to 17%.
  • annual family pass: when you register you will pay 149 euros per year with a complement of up to 6 accounts.

In all situations, except individual subscription per month, you can enjoy 30 days of free use of the service to evaluate its properties and corroborate at the end of time to test.

After selecting a subscription plan, click on the link Sign up, it's free for 30 days. pay later and then in the link listen right now. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time and after the trial time you are not required to upgrade.

If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can use it for free Amazon Prime Music, a call «fast”By Amazon Music Unlimited. can listen to about 2 million songs and download them on portable gadgets free of warnings but with a listening limit of 40 hours per month. After this time you must turn on an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription or wait until the first of the following month.

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How do I use Amazon Music Unlimited?

How do I use Amazon Music Unlimited?

Using Amazon Music Unlimited is very simple. Upon entering the service, you see numerous sections:

  • The left sidebar show fast links to Home, songs, radios, suggested artists and playlists. You will also find the link to enter the Our shop, to import music from your PC and enter settings.
  • The top bar shows the search bar to locate songs, artists, radio stations or playlists, and the player with commands to start, stop or continue or rewind the different songs. Then there is the command to manage the volume.
  • the middle region It shows the current news, the radios, the most listened to artists and the added and most listened to playlists.

To listen to a playlist or a book you have to click on the cover image and then on the link Play, up. Doing so will play the contents in the order they are configured. For him random reproductioninstead, you can click on the link located in the utility bar at the top.

To play a finished book and particular songs, you can add them to your music by clicking on the link Add to music, located at the top, or by clicking on the link with the three points vertically and then on the name of the track or disc. To play only one song or track on a disc, you must click on it in its perspective.

How to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited offline

Whether you use Amazon Music Unlimited on the device or use it on the web version, you won't find any noticeable changes. The only impairment to report is the ability to local song download for offline listening.

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The first thing to do is activate the alternative music mode off, which you will find in the configuration of the gadget that is entered by pressing the link with i three points vertically,

The Amazon Music Unlimited application makes it easy for you to locally download albums and playlists to your mobile gadget, but also individual songs. When you have located the book or playlist, click on it and press the down arrow link, below deck. You will also have the possibility to download them to your mobile or tablet and find everything in the section Music.

For particular songs, always from the application, locate the song and stop at the link with i three points horizontally, positioned next to the header and click on Download in the menu that appears. Likewise, the song will be downloaded and you will have the possibility to play it whenever you want by entering the part Music.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Music Unlimited

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Music Unlimited 1

For turn off Amazon Music Unlimited at the end of time to try for free, click on your web name in the utility bar on the left and choose Amazon Music Settings. Click on the alternative Cancel subscription next to the article Renewal subscription and confirm the deactivation of the service.

After you cancel, you can continue to use Amazon Music Unlimited until your subscription expires.