Applications to know and decrypt WIFI passwords on Android

If you have reached this article, it is for two reasons. The first is because you are a faithful follower of all the content that we provide daily at, which we appreciate, or second because you are searching on google apps to crack wifi passwords for android and, in addition to wanting to know them, you also want to know if they really work.

Surely you have spent a lot of mobile data or directly, you have lost many hours searching and searching the web and downloading the different applications and, as always, without any success. Well… It's enough to waste time! We have compiled a list of the best applications so you can get those long-awaited passwords. Let's see them!

1. Wi-Fi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery is an incredible application to recover the passwords of some WiFi to which you have previously connected, but with which you lost the connection. It is very easy to use!

This application recovers WiFi keys in a professional way, but keep in mind that it does not guarantee successful recovery of keys on cell phones that are not rooted. This can be considered a negative aspect, since not all of them are root individuals.

It is only a requirement that you authorize the application so that it has access to your history. So quickly check your information and complete the scan. The application recovers the forgotten password by rooting your gadget, so it is necessary for you to have a backup of your phone and be an advanced user.

If you did not make a backup, not everything is lost, enter your Google account and recover them. Then just copy the WiFi keys and that's it! WiFi Password Recovery is usable by means of this link and has a rating of 3.9 on Google Play Store.



Instabridge is an amazing and very attractive application. It does not show you exactly what the WiFi key is, what the application does anyway is to allow its individuals to release access points of public networks. That is, if you know the key and connect to a public WiFi network, you can open the connection to other Instabridge individuals.

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It also has some community properties and gives a top of which individuals have released the most income points. The app is perfect for those who travel abroad and require access to a public WiFi. In addition, it does not disable navigability, so you can enter the sites you want and enjoy your mobile data with all your communities. Download it for free here.

3.Osmino Wi-Fi

Osmino Wi-Fi

Osmino Wi-Fi is an amazing application very used to transcribe WiFi keys. It shows you, by means of graphs, your online traffic and tests the agility of your connection. You will see the closest internet access points on the map and it will connect automatically, without limiting data.

Osmino Wi-Fi is in many locations around the world and is among the best apps to transcribe WiFi keys. In addition, you can register the keys of the networks and share them with the individuals of the application. She works as an information bank, making it easy to host multiple keys from different entry points.

They are shared networks and accessible without scams, depending on the set of the application. Also, you can route the internet to other gadgets. The application registers your connections in the cloud and also makes it easy for you to search for new networks.

When you travel, among other things, you can locate the location in the system and store connections in advance, so you don't have to spend your roaming data. However, it does not guarantee connection security, since public networks are subject to fraud, which means that there is some danger.

But it does guarantee speed! It is worth remembering that Osmino Wi-Fi only connects to public networks. The application can be downloaded from this link and has a score of 4.2 on the Google Play Store.

4.WiFi Map

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is another great option in our list of apps to transcribe WiFi keys. Its primary purpose is to ensure that individuals can access the Internet freely and freely, lightly and credibly wherever they want to be. It does not exhibit hidden keys, but it gives well over 100 million entry points worldwide.

You can exploit the capable search functionalities, find high-definition WiFi networks using the maps and even communicate the entry points in communities such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The app is free, you just have to enter Google Play Store to try it!

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5.WiFi Analyzer

Wifi analyzer

WiFi Analyzer automatically connects to the nearest free network, so your connection will be efficient and customary. This app gives you all the information you need about any and all networks you need.

As its name says, this application examines the WiFi and distributes data to you, such as statistics, security level, network intensity, categorization of the best connections, internet strength and even the direction of the router signal or the entry point. You can see everything mentioned in a well-structured way and with fragmentations on the screen of your mobile device, which will be divided into 5 parts.

The information is described in English, which could be considered a negative aspect, but the design of the application is very simple to understand and use. Download it on the Google Play Store, where the app is rated 4.3 stars.

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6. WiFi passwords

wifi passwords

keys or WiFi passwords is another good alternative among applications to transcribe WiFi passwords, since it makes it easy to connect to networks that are blocked. This app stands apart from others because it can locate potentially unsafe networks and prevent them, ensuring that your connection to entry points is as truly secure as possible. Still, you have to be cautious when using public networks to avoid them getting your keys.

It also gives millions of entry points and has its custody system. In addition, you can communicate networks with your contacts. Download it for free on the Google Play Store.

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7. WiFi Magic by Mandic Passwords

WiFi Magic by Mandic Passwords

WiFi Magic has an information bank with public keys and makes them available to its individuals as if it were a community. The individuals of this application are the cause of increasing the proportion of registered keys. In this way, several accesses are left free in different places.

You will have to enter with your username and password, which means that you have to create an account in the application. Although it is also enough to enter with your email or your Facebook account. Your password will be saved in Wifi Magic temporary files memory and, it should be noted that this is not an alternative, but an automatic action of the application.

This makes it easy for you to always be connected and enter in an efficient way and exercise. This application shows you the status of the networks with colors:

  • Green: WiFi without password;
  • Yellow: WiFi that requires registration to connect;
  • Red: WiFi with key.
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Apart from the state, after choosing the network, an exclusive screen will open on your mobile device and you will know the name, address and distance of the network. Download WiFi Magic by clicking on the Google Play Store link, where it is rated 4.0.

8. Wi-Fi Warden

wifi warden

WiFi Warden is our newest WiFi key transcribing app suggestion. She works as a network encryption. You choose a WiFi and receive a detailed examination of it: the continuity, the channel, the address, the name, the intensity of the connection, the security and the approximate distance are several of the data provided.

In some smartphones with Android 4.4 and earlier it is required that the user has carried out a backup, but from Android 5.0 it will not be essential, although it is always suggested. WiFi Warden tests the network and connects with a PIN generator. You can also increase the security of your router, change the password of your WiFi and also recover passwords.

You will also have the possibility to see who is using your router! The paid edition of the application is only used to remove the ads and does not have any other product inside. So, you have access to all the utilities in the freeware version that you can download through this link. WiFi Warden has a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store.

Be very careful when using public networks

As we do not want your passwords to be stolen or hacked by any community, we provide you with certain security notices. We suggest you follow them so that you can ensure your privacy and avoid improper access to your information.

By using public networks, your gadgets are exposed and attackable. There are malicious individuals who have the ability to detect which gadgets are connected and from there try to obtain data from your Android mobile device.

This does not mean that the use of public networks is always risky, but we suggest that you follow these security tips to ensure your privacy:

  1. Download and install an excellent Antivirus for your Android mobile device;
  2. Do not connect or enter passwords in apps unless it is really necessary;
  3. Update your Android. System updates generally bring security and privacy updates;
  4. Make sure to encrypt your Android.

Have you liked our suggestions of apps to transcribe WiFi keys on Android?

Did you enjoy our list of apps to transcribe WiFi keys? Do not forget to leave us your comment telling us which one you liked the most!

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