How to share a tweet on Instagram Stories

share a tweet on Instagram Stories

How to share a Tweet on Instagram Stories. The Twitter platform allows you to share tweets on Instagram Stories. The function was made available by the social network in the iPhone application (iOS) and allows the sending of any message, as long as it has been published by a public profile. The post… READ MORE

How to remove Twitter followers

How to remove Twitter followers

How to remove Twitter followers. All twitterers want to have many followers, but it may be the case that they want to reduce this list. If so, you should know that deleting Twitter followers is possible through a native function of the social network. The feature is only available on the web version, there is no… READ MORE

How to create a Twitter account

How to create a Twitter account

How to Create a Twitter Account Sooner or later, for most active Internet users, it's time to sign up for the most popular microblogging service: Twitter. The reason for making such a decision may be both the desire to develop your own page, and to read the tapes of other personalities… READ MORE

What is Twitter and how to use it

What is Twitter and how to use it

What is Twitter and how to use it If it is important for you to be aware of what is happening in the world, if you are interested in the thoughts of people, famous and not so, about this or that event, and also if you just want to express your opinion and discuss with others, Twitter is the tool… READ MORE

Solve Twitter login issues

Solve Twitter login problems The authorization system of the Twitter microblogging service is, in general, the same as that used by other social networks. Therefore, access problems are by no means an uncommon phenomenon. And the reasons can be very different. However, losing access to a… READ MORE

How to add friends on Twitter

How to add friends on Twitter As you know, tweets and followers are the main components of Twitter's microblogging service. And at the head of all this is the social component. You find friends, follow their news and actively participate in the discussion of certain topics. And vice versa: they listen to you and respond to… READ MORE

To log out of your Twitter account

To log out of your Twitter account When creating any online account, always know how to log out. It doesn't matter if you need to do it for security reasons or if you just want to authorize another account. The important thing is that signing out of Twitter is quick and easy. Quit Twitter on any platform… READ MORE

Change Twitter username

Change Twitter username If you find your username more unacceptable or just want to update your profile a bit, changing your nickname is no problem. You can change your name to your dog's name "@" whenever you want and do it as many times as you want. Developers don't care... READ MORE

Delete all tweets on Twitter in a couple of clicks

Delete all tweets on Twitter in a couple of clicks The need to completely clean your Twitter can happen to everyone. There may be different reasons for this, but the problem is the same: the developers of the service have not provided us with the possibility to delete all tweets in a couple of … READ MORE

How to delete a retweet on Twitter

How to Delete a Retweet on Twitter Retweets are a wonderful and easy way to share other people's thoughts with the world. On Twitter, retweets are full-fledged elements of a user's feed. But what if you suddenly need to get rid of one or more of these types of positions? … READ MORE

How to promote a Twitter account

How to Promote a Twitter Account Who wouldn't want to become popular on Twitter? Not to send messages into the void, but to constantly find an answer to them. And if the microblogging service is one of the key tools of your business, it is essential to promote your Twitter account. In this article, we will see how to promote… READ MORE

How to make money on Twitter

How to make money on Twitter Almost every popular social network now has the ability to monetize your account, and Twitter is no exception. In other words, your microblogging service profile can generate financial income. In this material you will learn how to make money on Twitter and what to use for it. Also read: How… READ MORE

Delete a Twitter account

Deleting a Twitter account It happens that there is a need to delete your Twitter account. The reason may be too much time spent on the microblogging service, or the desire to focus on work with another social network. The reason does not matter in general. The main thing is that the developers of Twitter… READ MORE

Change the interface language on Twitter

Change the language of the interface on Twitter The social network Twitter is quite popular among users around the world, since it allows you to keep up to date with current events and follow interesting topics without having to spend a lot of time on it. By default, the interface of the website and client applications corresponds to … READ MORE

Twitter video download

Downloading videos from Twitter It is quite difficult to imagine today's social networks without videos, even if they are quite short. And Twitter is by no means an exception. The popular microblogging service allows you to upload and share short videos of no more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds. “Uploading a video to the service is very easy. … READ MORE

Send private messages to Twitter users

Send private messages to Twitter users The Twitter social network focuses mainly on the consumption and creation of content, which is presented here in the form of small text posts of 280 characters and may be accompanied by links and multimedia files. Communication between users, for the most part, … READ MORE

Why isn't Twitter working?

Why isn't Twitter working? Option 1: Browser on PC If you are used to using the web version of Twitter accessible on your computer through any browser, problems with its operation may be due to one of the following reasons. Cause 1: Temporary failure Like any important service, Twitter is not immune… READ MORE

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