Create an email at

Create an email on In the digital age, it is quite important to have an email, because without it it will be problematic to contact other users on the Internet, secure a page in social networks and much more. One of the most popular email services is Gmail. It is universal, because it provides access not… READ MORE

Sign out of Gmail

Logging out of Gmail Gmail has a pretty nice interface, but it's not convenient and understandable for everyone. That is why some users, who occasionally use this service or have just registered, have doubts about how to get out of the mail. Yes, most social networks, forums, services have a "Logout" button. on … READ MORE

Change password in Gmail

Change Gmail Password There are times when a user needs to change the password of their Gmail account. It sounds simple, but for people who rarely use this service or who are new to it, it's difficult to navigate Google Mail's confusing interface. This article is intended as a step-by-step explanation… READ MORE

Delete Gmail

Delete Gmail In some cases, a user needs to delete email from Gmail but doesn't want to part with other Google services. In this case, it is possible to save the account itself and delete the Gmail mailbox along with all the data that has been saved in it. This procedure can be done in a few… READ MORE

Recover Gmail password

Recover Gmail Password Every active Internet user has a large number of accounts that need a strong password. Naturally, not everyone can remember many different sets of passwords for each account, especially when they haven't used them for a long time. In order not to lose the secret combinations, some users write them down... READ MORE

Gmail configuration in your email client

Setting up Gmail in your email client Many people find it convenient to use special email clients that allow them to quickly access the email they need. These programs help you collect emails in one place and do not require a long web page load as it happens… READ MORE

Change email address in Gmail

Changing the email address in Gmail It is not possible to change the address in the email in Gmail, as in other popular services. But you can always register a new box and redirect to it. The impossibility of renaming your mail is because only you will know the new address, and… READ MORE

Search for a person in Gmail

Find a person in Gmail Gmail is very popular at the moment, as other useful tools are becoming available along with it. This email service offers users the ability to manage their business, link multiple accounts, and simply communicate with other people. In Jimmail not only are stored … READ MORE

Synchronize iPhone contacts with Gmail

Sync iPhone Contacts with Gmail Users of Apple products may face the problem of syncing contacts with Gmail service, but there are various ways that can help in this matter. You don't even have to install any programs or spend a lot of time. Setting profiles correctly, on your device will… READ MORE

Unsubscribe from GMail

Unsubscribing from GMail Actively using email, whether it's a Google service or any other, signing up through it on various sites, over time you can almost always be faced with an abundance of emails that are unnecessary, but that arrive as quickly as possible. often. It can be advertising, information about promotions, discounts, … READ MORE

Canceling emails

Cancellation of emails When an email is accidentally sent from an address, it is sometimes necessary to retract, thus preventing the recipient from reading the content. This can only be done if certain conditions are met, and we will cover it in detail in this article. Withdrawal of emails Currently, the function in question is only… READ MORE

Archive and clean your Gmail mailbox

Archive and clean up your Gmail inbox Looking at each email individually, it can seem like it weighs almost nothing, because it's often just a few lines of text, which can sometimes be accompanied by a link or attachment. However, if the correspondence is active and the files are... READ MORE

How to get your Gmail email password

How to get your Gmail email password Having a Gmail account opens access not only to email, but also to all other Google services. The name of the box (the address) is also the username, and the password is set by each person. Sometimes you can… READ MORE

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