Banned Movies: Top 10 Most Popular Movies Banned In Some Countries

Banned Movies: Top 10 Most Popular Movies Banned In Some Countries

It is believed that the banning of films only fuels interest in them, and is often deliberately provoked by their creators. But cinema without a license and without a distribution certificate, in the overwhelming majority of cases, loses practically all the potential benefit, and the reasons for the prohibition are sometimes so unclear that one cannot help but begin to doubt the appropriateness of the censors.

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Wonder Woman, 2017

The film was banned in Lebanon even before its world premiere, and many media outlets, not understanding the situation, were quick to accuse the Islamic State authorities of conservatism. Two obvious reasons seemed obvious to ban a Hollywood film in a Muslim country: the promotion of feminism and the explicit outfit of the leading lady.

However, the real reason for restricting the screening was a different fact: the actress played by Gal Gadot was doing military service in the Israeli armed forces, with which Lebanon has tense relations.

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"The Simpsons Movie", 2007

A seemingly innocuous satirical animation produced by 20th Century Fox has been accused of racism by Myanmar's cultural supervisors. According to local censors, yellow people in movies (even if they are animated) are a clear allusion to the Asian race, which should not exist at all. By the way, the country has a similar attitude towards any play in which people appear red in the face.

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"Christopher Robin", 2018

In theory, Winnie the Pooh could also have been banned in Myanmar because of his yellow face, but he's still a bear, not a man. That is why it was banned in China after considering the resemblance of Winnie's face to that of the local Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping.

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Number 44, 2015

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, this 2015 thriller is based on the book by British author Tom Rob Smith and tells the story of MGB officer Lev Demidov, played by Hollywood star Tom Hardy. Demidov does not fit in at all with the ideology of the Stalinist USSR, he takes pity on the dissidents, refuses to be forgotten and is also the son of the victims of the Holodomor of the 30s.

According to the plot, the protagonist is forbidden to investigate the murders of children committed by a maniac, copied from the later figure Andrei Chikatilo. The obligatory character of this type of film is also present: a cowardly upstart, willing to put his comrades-in-arms to the test for another star in his shoulder straps.

Russian censors regarded this coverage of Soviet reality as a distortion of historical events, and the film was banned from showing in the entire Russian Federation.

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The interview, 2014

After the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in 2011, the international community expected a rapprochement in relations between North Korea and the United States. Kim Jong-un, who came to power, seemed to be more tolerant of Western values, which was reflected in the highly hyped movie The Interview.

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According to the plot, Kim is a fan of the American showman David Skylark (James Franco), which the American intelligence services decide to take advantage of. Skylark is recruited and sent to North Korea to assassinate the leader of the North Korean nation under the pretense of an interview with him. Naturally, in a trashy comedy aimed at a Western audience, Kim Jong-un (as, indeed, all other Koreans) is made a fool of himself and made a fool of himself, which, unsurprisingly, got the film banned in the country. By the way, the Russian censors did not give the film a distribution certificate either.

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"The death of Stalin", 2017

The story is similar to that of The Interview, which was banned in Russia. Only this time the perpetrators of the film are British and the victims are the Soviet leaders. In the form of satire, the painting depicts the struggle for the post of General Secretary of the USSR Party Central Committee between Lavrentiy Beria and Nikita Khrushchev after the death of the "leader of the peoples" in 1953.

Surprisingly, the film received a distribution certificate and was even shown in Russia, but under pressure from the Communist Party it was decided that the filmmakers' real goal was to "discredit the figure of Stalin."

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«Russia 88», 2009

The film is apparently based on real events that occurred in Moscow: the leader of a neo-Nazi organization discovers that his sister is having an affair with a Caucasian man. Naturally, the main skinhead of the Russian capital does everything possible to find and kill the impudent.

As a result of a review by a censorship commission, the film was not only banned from distribution, but also recommended for examination by the prosecution. An inspection by investigators confirmed the diagnosis that Pavel Bardin's film was clearly extremist and should not be shown in the Russian Federation.

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«Fifty Shades of Grey», 2015

A blatantly weak film based on the even lesser Erica Leonard James novel in terms of plot and literary value became an absolute bestseller and markedly increased sales of self-produced BDSM devices worldwide.

By itself, the erotic success for adolescents has been prohibited in several countries (especially Islamic ones). As for the domestic audience, Sam Taylor-Johnson's film was shown not only in some regions of Russia (Ingushetia, Dagestan, etc.).

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«Back to the Future», 1985-1990

Surely no movie buff would guess what's rediculous in this harmless sci-fi trilogy about the adventures of teenager Marty McFly and scientist Emmett Brown. However, the film cannot be screened in China, as mentioning ghosts and time travel in films is prohibited.

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«2012», 2009

Roland Emmerich's disastrous film, which strays from the obvious prohibition, could hardly have captured anyone's religious, political or other beliefs. The film was based on the motif of a popular media event of the time: the supposed "end of the world" associated with the end of the Mayan calendar.

However, there was no way this film would reach North Korean audiences, for whom 2012 was a special year for strictly the opposite reasons. The centenary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the leader, the Sun of the nation, and suddenly the end of the world, could not be like this even in the movies.

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