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When entering a page on the internet, you generally use a written address, which involves the name of the page you are going to enter. These addresses are not the actual address of each page, each page has a unique numerical address.

DNS servers are the system through which your computer connects to translate the written address to the numerical one. The computer asks these servers for the true numerical address of the page to finally access it.

In Colombia, there are different internet companies such as Claro, Tigo, among others. By using the original DNS of these companies, you are slowing down your internet as much as the maximum speed that these servers have. If you want to increase your connection speed and optimize it to the maximum, it is best to choose a high-speed DNS to increase your connection.

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The best DNS for ps4 in Colombia

If you like to use your PS4 to constantly connect to download all kinds of games, enjoy online games and much more, it is important to have the best connection speed. If you are currently using the DNS of your internet service, you may not be optimizing your internet to the fullest.

So that you can improve the download speed of your games and your online games, it is best to use the best DNS for PS4 in Colombia. Here are some of the fastest options available.

  • Google: –
  • Cloudflare: –
  • Cisco OpenDNS: –
  • Quad9: – 112.112.112.
  • Level3: –
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Increase the speed of my Wifi

If your Wifi is slow on different devices, this can easily be related to the fact that you are using an original DNS from your internet server. If these DNS are slow, it will also be the internet you use through your Wifi.

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Although there is an alternative to improve the speed of each device on your Wi-Fi network, this can be quite inefficient, especially for computers where DNS cannot be configured. The best option is to simply enter the best DNS available directly in the configuration of your Wifi Router.