BeWidgets - Desktop Widgets for Windows 11

BeWidgets - Desktop Widgets for Windows 11

Not long ago I wrote about a free program that allows you to place live tiles like widgets on the Windows 11/10 desktop. This review is about desktop widgets again, but of a different kind.

BeWidgets is a completely free program for creating, customizing and placing simple widgets on the Windows 11 desktop. It's simple and has a limited set of widgets available, but maybe someone might be interested.

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Use of BeWidgets, available widgets and their customization

You can download BeWidgets for free from the Microsoft Store - just enter the name of the program in the store search or use the direct link. After installing and starting the software, the main window will open with the following view:

The first and most interesting is the New Widget. Click on it to create a new widget.

A new widget will automatically be created and placed on the desktop, for which the following actions are available:

  1. Specify a name and select a widget type (from the drop-down list).
  2. Drag and drop a widget to a convenient place on the desktop (widgets can overlap each other).
  3. The Customize button opens the widget options (different for different widgets).
  4. As an example, the weather widget. Of the parameters available here: the exact indication of the position on the screen, the width and the height. Inhibit to move the widget with the mouse, toggle the visibility of the widget.
  5. Show the widget always on top, inhibit clicking on the widget, select the city for which the weather should be displayed.
  6. Displays the current time or the time for 24 hours.
  7. Selecting the background color (transparency is supported), corner rounding radius, font setting for each widget element.
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By combining these settings and placing the widgets, different results can be achieved. Below is an example of the BeWidgets program page on the Microsoft Store and what I got in 5 minutes of experimentation.

Among the currently available widgets:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Time
  • Exchange rates for stocks and cryptocurrencies (limited list)
  • Application shortcuts (you can use your own images as icons)
  • Gallery

The developer promises new widgets shortly: widgets for music and RSS, recently opened files, a widget for the browser (I don't know what they mean, maybe a page can be placed on the desktop).

What else is on BeWidgets:

  • Settings for the program itself (activate or deactivate automatic loading, change the design theme and some curiosities).
  • "Layouts" button, which allows you to save the current widget sets with their design in a template and then quickly restore them from the template.

Bottom line: it works, very simply and sparsely so far, but BeWidgets may become a more interesting utility in the future.