Updating the BIOS of a Samsung Notebook PC

Updating the BIOS of a Samsung Notebook PC

Option 1: Operating system

The BIOS of Samsung notebook PCs can only be updated with the Windows operating system. If you have installed another operating system on a laptop, the basic interface will need to be updated from a bootable USB flash drive.

The whole update process can be divided into three steps: determine the device model, install the auxiliary program and directly the firmware of the chip.

Step 1: find the right software

Samsung's official website has a variety of drivers and software for a wide variety of devices. Therefore, it is worth first finding out exactly which line of notebook PCs the update will take place on.

You can find your notebook PC model page as follows:

  1. Go to the Samsung website and click on the search icon.
  2. Locate the serial number on the label on the bottom of the notebook PC trim.
  3. Enter this number in the search text box on the manufacturer's website and press "Enter" .
  4. On the device page, you will need the Manuals and downloads section . It can be found by scrolling down the page or by clicking on the link with the corresponding registration.
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Step 2: Install the Easy Display Manager utility

To find and install an update, the system requires a utility that uses a separate firmware application. Therefore, the first step is to install Easy Display Manager.

  1. On the model tab of your notebook PC, use the key combination «Ctrl» + «F» to call the page search tool and enter the name of the utility.
  2. Then download the file for this software. This can be done by clicking the button "Download" in the corresponding panel of the download list. Any archive can open the packed file.
  3. In the first form of the installation wizard, click the button "Following".
  4. Then click on "Install" to start installing the software.
  5. Wait until the installation is complete and close the wizard with the button "Finalizar".
  6. After completing this procedure, it is best to restart your notebook PC.

Stage 3: Update the BIOS version

The last step is to install the update itself. In this case, you need Internet access, as the launcher downloads the firmware file directly from the manufacturer's servers.

  1. Open your device's download list page again: at the bottom of the list there will be a panel "Update software" , thanks to which you can download the corresponding application.
  2. Use the button "Download" to download the installer we need and run it on your device.
  3. In the window Update ofl Samsung System BIOS, need the button Update .
  4. Please wait while the firmware file is downloaded to the notebook PC.
  5. The program will warn you that during the update the operating system may work intermittently and that it is recommended to close all unnecessary applications for the stable operation of the manager. Clicking "To accept" , you must accept this message.

    Attention: after pressing this button, under no circumstances turn off the notebook PC and do not close the program until the update procedure is completed, otherwise it may stop starting!

  6. During the update, the command app will open "SFlash.exe" , showing the progress of the firmware.
  7. When a message about a successful BIOS update appears, it will be necessary to restart the laptop.
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Option 2: bootable USB stick

If you have any other operating system installed, for example Linux, to update the BIOS you need a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 installed on this device; this is called Windows To Go (not to be confused with a regular bootable USB flash drive)… In such a situation, use one of the apps to create custom bootable media, and our instructions in the links below will help you with this.

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In the software environment of a portable storage medium, you can update the BIOS step by step by reproducing all the actions of the Option 1.

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