Bioshock: Game mode, characters, trophies and more

In this article on Bioshock You will find the different data you need to know to be able to pass the level or win this role-playing video game, inspired by survivors and other mutated humans, so we invite you to read and enjoy the following article.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock, its launch on the market

Unlike many video games, this one is first made, created by Irrational Games for Xbox 360 and Windows systems in 2.007 and later published by 2K Marin for PlayStation 3 and Mac OS X.

Since then they have published Bioshock 2, Bioshock 4, Bioshock Infinite and Bioshock Remastered reaching Linux, even online, managing to offer an experience to users of all platforms.

This game takes place in the year 1.960 as a historical alternative novel, in which it can be seen that its protagonist Jack survives a terrible plane crash that leaves him stranded in the city of Rapture.

There he will have to fight against robots created to automatically attack some targets and mutations of human beings that have special powers.

So we can find different elements such as: survival terror, role-playing games, stealth and biopunk, which is why this video game is known as a spiritual continuation of System Shock 2, according to its creators.

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These video games were designed to be played by a single user, without allowing multiplayer or other functions.

What was the inspiration to create Bioshock?

His plot is closely related to several novels such as The Atlas Rebellion written by Ayn Rand and Logan's Run by William F. Nolan.

Andrew Ryan, one of the essential characters in this video game, got his name by adjusting that of the writer of one of the books.

On the other hand, when touching the issue of aesthetics, without a doubt, it is related to the year 1.984 and the roles against positions of the main leaders that we observe in Logan's Run. Rapture arises from the idea in the rebellion of Atlas, when they name the individual hiding places for creatives and rich, giving as a reflection the differences between the social classes that have existed since then.

Bioshock 2

Characters from the Bioshock saga

Next, we present the list of the characters that make up this saga:


It is without a doubt the essence of Bioshock, who is managed by the player. He was one of the passengers on the aircraft that crashed very close to the Atlantic Ocean lighthouse, which is the gateway to the city of Rapture.

andrew ryan

A millionaire between 1.940 and 1.950, he ordered the secret development of Rapture avoiding all that scrutiny by governments and supervisors. After the fall of Rapture, Ryan disappears and employs the army of mutated people to fight those who resist.

Frank fontaine

Main antagonistic character who possesses great criminal intellect, evasion ability and is arch-enemy of Ryan. This guy has endless murders, kidnapping Jack and even starting a war.

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Little sisters

They are known as the Gatherers, as they have been generically transformed to obtain ADAM from the dead found in Rapture.

They are always with Big Daddy who protects them from any attack they suffer, they are almost immune to any damage and usually hide in the air vents until they are called by Big Daddy.

Subject Delta

It is the character of Bioshock 2 who is known as "Johnny Topside", is sent to jail and becomes the first man to be related to Big Daddy. Player, great ability to induce coma or even kill.

Augustus Sinclair

Responsible for Persephone, great businessman and supporter of Subject Delta, but later he is known as the last of the Alpha series.

Booker dewitt

Principal of Bioshock Infinite, a former agent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and a soldier of the 7th Cavalry Regiment where he suffered and had to do great atrocious acts, such as the murder of Indians, leading him to gamble and drink excessively.

After this, he decided to be baptized and start over, but he did not achieve his mission. He was expelled from the agency and made the decision to become a private investigator.


She was held captive in Columbia for most of her life, but despite this, she managed to study and become an extremely intelligent young woman. He was developing skills in lock picking and cryptography.

We cannot fail to mention other characters such as: Big Daddies, JS Steinmann, Diane McClintok, Lady Comstock, Sander Cohen, Dra. Brigid Tenenbaum, Dr. Yi Suchong, Splicers, Eleanor Lamb, Dra. Sofia Lamb, Subject Sigma, Big Sisters, The Lutece twins, Songbird and Daisy Fitzroy.

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Trophies that you can find in Bioshock

These are some of the trophies or rewards that you can get in the game:

Gold trophies 

  • Momentum.
  • I chose the Impossible.
  • The Man Chooses.

Platinum trophy

  • Maximum trophy of the game

Silver trophies

  • Savior from Little Sisters.
  • Historian.

Bronze trophies

  • One category to the max.
  • Hacked turret.
  • All categories to the max.
  • Hacked sales terminal.
  • A purchased slot.
  • Hacked safe.
  • Expert pirate.
  • You have upgraded a weapon.
  • Basic inventor.
  • Investigated nitro splicer.
  • 1 fully upgraded weapon.
  • Avid inventor.
  • Splicer houdini investigated.
  • 2 fully upgraded weapons.
  • Prolific photographer.
  • Gorilla investigated.
  • Spider splicer investigated.
  • Inventor of ammunition.
  • A researched splicer.
  • Rosie investigated.
  • 3 fully upgraded weapons.
  • Doctorate in research.
  • Hacked security bot.
  • Toner collector.
  • A successful hack.
  • Lead Splicer investigated.
  • 4 fully upgraded weapons.
  • Thug Splicer investigated.
  • Really good at this.
  • Weapons specialist.
  • Quality photo.
  • Hacked security camera.
  • Little Sister fully investigated.
  • 5 fully upgraded weapons.
  • Dealt with all the Little Sisters.

Hidden trophies in Bioshock

  • Welcome to finished Rapture.
  • Toaster in the bathtub.
  • Dr. Steinman defeated.
  • Cohen's room found.
  • Irony.
  • Peach Wilkins defeated.
  • Lucky winner.
  • Revived forest.
  • Cohen's masterpiece completed.
  • Defeated Atlas.
  • Andrew Ryan defeated.
  • Become Big Daddy.
  • Mind control passed.

Awards Bioshock has won

Since the launch of Bioshock, its name has been related to a video game that meets all the expectations of its users, since until today, it has managed to acquire the "Game of the Show" award, obtain a 10 in Meristation, BAFTA awarded "Best Game of the Year".

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