Opera browser: problems with Opera Turbo mode

Opera browser: problems with Opera Turbo mode

Activating Opera Turbo mode allows you to increase the loading speed of web pages when the Internet is slow. In addition, it helps to significantly save traffic, which is beneficial for users who pay per unit of information downloaded. This is achieved by compressing the data received over the Internet on a special Opera server. At the same time, there are cases when Opera Turbo refuses to turn on. Let's find out why Opera Turbo is not working and how to solve this problem.

Server problem.

It may seem strange to some, but first of all, you should look for the problem not in your computer or browser, but in third-party causes. Most of the time, Turbo mode doesn't work because Opera's servers can't handle the traffic load. After all, Turbo is used by many users around the world, and the "iron" is not always able to cope with such a flow of information. Therefore, the server crash problem occurs periodically, and it is the most common reason for Opera Turbo not working.

To find out if the Turbo mode failure is really due to this reason, get in touch with other users and find out how things are going. If they also can't connect via Turbo, you can consider the cause of the problem established.

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ISP or administrator lockdown

Don't forget that Opera Turbo essentially works through a proxy server. That is, using this mode, it is possible to enter sites blocked by ISPs and administrators, including those banned by Roskomnadzor.

Although Opera servers are not on Roskomnadzor's banned resource list, some especially zealous providers may block Internet access through Turbo mode. It is even more likely to be blocked by corporate network administrations. It is difficult for management to find out which sites company employees visited through Opera Turbo. It is much easier for them to disable access to the web through this mode. Thus, if the user wants to connect to the Internet through Opera Turbo from his work computer, it is very possible that he will fail.

Problem with the program

If you are sure that the Opera servers are working at the moment, and that your ISP is not blocking the connection through Turbo mode, then you should consider that the problem is on the user side after all.

First of all, you need to check if there is internet connection when Turbo mode is off. If there is no connection, you need to look for the source of the problem not only in the browser, but also in the operating system, in the headphones to connect to the World Wide Web, in the hardware component of the computer. But, this is a separate big problem that, in fact, has very little to do with the loss of Opera Turbo performance. But let's consider what to do if there is a connection in normal mode, but when the Turbo is turned on, it disappears.

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Therefore, if the Internet works in the normal connection mode, but it does not when you turn on the Turbo, and you are sure that it is not a problem on the other side, then the only option is to corrupt the browser instance. In this case, reinstalling Opera should help.

Address handling problem with https protocol

It should also be noted that the Turbo mode does not work on sites whose connection is established not through the http protocol, but through the secure https protocol. However, in this case there is no interruption of the connection, the site simply loads automatically not through Opera's servers, but in normal mode. That is, data compression and browser acceleration on such resources, the user will not wait.

Sites with a secure connection where Turbo mode does not work are marked with a green padlock icon to the left of the browser's address bar.

As we can see, in most cases, there is nothing that the user can do about the problem of disconnection through Opera Turbo mode, since in the vast majority of episodes they occur on the server side. or on the management side of the network. The only problem that the user can fix himself is the browser malfunction, but it is quite rare.

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