Pre-Conference Zoom Camera Check Instructions

Pre-Conference Zoom Camera Check Instructions.

Zoom has become a leader in video conferencing in recent years. How do you keep up with this software? What helps you stay in touch with colleagues and family when you're away from home? A properly configured application, in which the camera settings play an important role.

How to check your computer camera

It is worth remembering that you must first check the physical connection of the external cameras to the computer or the operation of the integrated camera. Once done, open the Zoom app installed on your PC or laptop. The software allows you to check your camera on Zoom without the need for a conference. The home screen will appear, and if it does not open the main page, you must go to it.

The transition is made by an icon in the form of a house with the legend «Start». In the new window that appears, click the gear icon (Settings). In the settings menu, a new window will open with a tab on the left called “Video image” that will take you to the device's camera settings. If the camera works fine, the user will see its video image on the device's screen.

What can be changed in “Video image”:

  1. Camera (If more than one camera is connected to the computer, you can select the desired camera by clicking the dropdown list.) This section allows you to change the size and resolution.
  2. My video. There is an option to mirror the video, correct the appearance of the video (a slight correction of the video will appear, making your face look like it has been professionally processed by a computer. You can change the level of change by moving the corresponding cursor, and if the ambient light of the room is low, you can activate the automatic adjustment of the brightness).
  3. Advanced settings. The names of the participants, the video activity at the entrance, showing the participants without video: all of these can be removed or left if desired.
  4. Advanced button. By activating this section you will be able to access hardware acceleration (rendering, sending, receiving video and changing backgrounds) and other functions.

The trick of life. If the user comes across a broken video image or forgets what he has to do, he does not have to panic and turn on the browser to describe the problem and search for a solution. You just have to go to the settings in the “Video image” tab and in “My video”, at the end, there is an active phrase “troubleshooting”. Clicking this will give you 5 options on how to recover the video image.

Test conference to check the operation of the camera in Zoom

To test the camera in Zoom on your computer, use the test conference. If the program is already installed, follow the steps below. With any browser you have to open Then press the "Enter" button. In the window that appears, select the start of Zoom Meetings. The conference is downloaded. The system question “Can you hear the ringtone? If there is sound, you can say "yes". If there is no sound, you should check the microphone. The camera is usually equipped with a built-in microphone, so the sound should also be checked.

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What kind of problems can occur with the camera in Zoom

The first difficulty is the lack of image when entering a conference. To solve this difficulty, you have to do the following. Under “video image”, in the “my video” menu, look for the option: enable my video when entering the conference. Then put a check mark in front of this phrase.

Another problem is related to the low speed of the Internet. The picture may freeze, in which case the problem is more likely not with the VCR, but with insufficient internet speed.

Another difficulty that can cause a problem with the camera is that the system does not let you use it. In Windows you have to go to “Settings”, then go to “Privacy” and in the app permissions section you have to give the zoom software access to the camera.

As you can see, the program itself is simple. With the tips, tricks and instructions above, you can set up your video equipment in a way that makes communication on Zoom truly rewarding and enjoyable.

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