Canceling emails

Canceling emails

When an email is accidentally sent from an address, it is sometimes necessary to retract it, thus preventing the recipient from reading the content. This can only be done if certain conditions are met, and we will cover that in detail in this article.

Withdrawal of emails

Currently, the function in question is only available in an email service, if Microsoft Outlook is not taken into account. You can use it in Gmail, which belongs to Google. It is necessary to activate the function in advance through the mailbox settings.

  1. When you are in a folder "Inbox"., click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Settings"..
  2. The next step is to click on the tab "General". and find the block on the page «Cancel the shipment»..
  3. Use the drop-down list here to select the amount of time the email will be delayed in the sending phase. This is the value that will allow you to revoke it after accidentally submitting it.
  4. Scroll down the page and click «Save changes»..
  5. Thereafter, it will be possible to revoke a message sent for a limited time by clicking on the link "Cancel"which appears in a separate block immediately after pressing the key "Send".

    You will be notified of the successful completion of the procedure from the same box located at the bottom left of the page, after which the automatically closed message form will also be restored.

  6. This process should not cause any problems, since if the delay is configured correctly and reacts in time to the need to cancel the shipment, any resend can be aborted.


If you use Gmail, you can easily control the sending or forwarding of emails to other users, withdrawing them when necessary. Any other service currently does not allow to interrupt the shipment. The only optimal variant would be to use Microsoft Outlook with the previous activation of this function and connecting the necessary mailboxes, as we have previously explained on our website.

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