Check out Declutter for macOS: Automatically sort files into folders on the desktop

Check out Declutter for macOS: Automatically sort files into folders on the desktop

The presence of the Dock in macOS allows you to get rid of numerous application shortcuts on the desktop. Often this does not extend to the documents, media files and other information with which we clutter our space. This problem is solved by installing a useful utility called Declutter, which we will talk about in more detail in this article.

Download Declutter for Mac (Mac App Store)

Ideally, you should get into the habit of cleaning your desktop (both virtual and real) daily. However, human beings tend to get lazy and the pretty desktop background gets cluttered with a bunch of important and not-so-important icons.

Yes, there are workable ways to hide all macOS desktop icons in one click, but still, it would be much more convenient to automate the process of sorting your desktop contents daily. Declutter developers are of the same opinion.

As you may have already guessed, Declutter is designed to bring order out of chaos in an automated way.

The principle of the utility is to create thematic folders on the macOS desktop with preset parameters, into which, at a certain interval, all files on the desktop are sorted.

The developers initially offer four folders: images, documents, music and videos.

The user is free both to customize the existing ones and to add new ones, with their own filters and extensions.

In addition to these basic settings, the color and icon of the associated folder can be selected.

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To access the app's options, tap the button that appears in the macOS menu bar.

Here, in addition to the folder list, you will find the application settings,

as well as set an interval to check the macOS desktop.

The interval at which Declutter automatically sorts the files on your desktop can vary from one minute to eight hours. Unfortunately there is no option here to add a schedule, eg for Declutter to start at the end of the day.

Download Declutter for Mac (Mac App Store)

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