Clipboard on your Android phone: where to find it, how to open it and use it

Clipboard on your Android phone: where to find it, how to open it and use it

A frequent question from some smartphone owners is where is the clipboard on Android or specific phone brands like Samsung Galaxy, how to open, view, use or delete it. In general, the clipboard is in the memory of the Android smartphone, but it can be opened and, in addition, many smartphones store the clipboard history, which can also be accessed.

This tutorial details where to find the clipboard on pure Android and on your Samsung Galaxy phone, the available clipboard actions, and additional information that may be useful.

Where is the clipboard on Android (pure Android and Samsung phones)?

As stated at the beginning of this article, the clipboard itself is stored in the phone's memory, but the contents of the clipboard can be viewed, often not only the current clipboard data, but also previously copied texts, and in some cases , the images:

  1. On a pure Android phone, or on any other smartphone with Google Gboard as the main keyboard, open the keyboard (tap on any text input field on your phone to do so). Then press the clipboard icon.
  2. The contents of the clipboard will open. If history storage is disabled, you will be prompted to enable it (via the switch in the upper right). By default, the clipboard will store the history of the copied data for one hour.
  3. If you need to delete an item from the clipboard or, conversely, make it save after an hour, do a long press on the item and use one of the buttons: place on current clipboard (to paste somewhere), pin (not to delete it) or delete (to delete the item from the clipboard).
  4. If you have a Samsung Galaxy and use the standard Samsung keyboard as your primary keyboard, open it (by tapping on any text input field), then tap the clipboard icon or, if none appears, tap the three-dot button. the top right and then tap on "Clipboard".
  5. You will see the items saved on the Samsung clipboard, not only texts but also images. With a long touch on them, you can delete them from the clipboard or clip them so that they are not erased. A brief touch inserts the item into the input field that is currently active.
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Many third-party keyboards also have elements for working with the clipboard, and their implementation differs little from those described above. However, you can also use third-party applications to open the Android clipboard and work with the data stored in it. And of course you can always replace the active clipboard content by simply copying something new to it.

Third-party applications to work with the Android clipboard

If you go to the Play Market application store and type "Clipboard" or "Clipboard" in your search, you will find many applications that allow you to open, delete and manage your Android clipboard in some way.

The implementation varies from application to application, for example an application with the simple name of HDM Dev Team 'Clipboard' shows the clipboard content and history right at the top of the screen (can be collapsed) with the possibility to delete items, paste them and take notes.

Other applications run in the notification area or in their own interface that runs separately. I can't guess which one will be right for you, so I recommend you go through the top-rated clipboard apps for Android and check out their screenshots and reviews - I'm sure you'll be able to find the right one for you.

Android clipboard - video


If there are still questions or can you suggest other proven methods to work with the clipboard on your Android phone, I look forward to your feedback.