Coinpot How does it work? – Micro Wallet

Coinpot is currently among the most relevant microwallets and used when we are talking about earning cryptocurrencies, that is why here I am teaching you how to use coinpot in its entirety.

In this great coinpot tutorial you will have the possibility to find all the information that is required for you to come out as a professional and start generating profits with your cryptocurrencies. We also remember that we talked recently about cryptocurrency mining software which is good for us to remember in case you want to win passively.

Registration in Coinpot

Registration is very simple, we just have to click on the image below and they will automatically be sent to the coinpot page.

Create your account in Coinpot, to collect what is generated in the ethereum faucets.

All that remains is to click on the first alternative that says Register, and we should add the following data:

  • Email (I recommend Gmail).
  • Password.
  • Confirm password.
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Then we click on Sign In.

Finally we will receive an email to turn on our account, and with that we would have developed our account in coinpot.

Faucet Coinpot

In the same way that I told you at the beginning, coinpot has many of the best faucets that pay directly into this microwallet. They are currently 7 coinpot faucets and those are:

  1. MoonBitcoin.
  2. Moon Litecoin.
  3. Moon Dogecoin.
  4. Moon Cash.
  5. moondash.
  6. Bit Fun.
  7. BonusBitcoin.

What is Coinpot?

It is a microwallet that is currently undoubtedly one of the top and most used, for the moment not only because it makes it easier for us to receive, send and also exchange cryptocurrencies with each other.

But also because to coinpot many faucets are associated that have been paying into this wallet for a long time and are among the most profitable today.

As I mentioned earlier at the beginning, coinpot is an online microwallet whose main functionality is to store what we earn from the coinpot faucets in one place, so we are not going to earn with coinpot directly, but indirectly with these faucets.

Although it is true that we also have the possibility of obtaining money with the challenges and lottery that it has, but somewhere they are also closely related to the faucets that have a coinpot as a procedure Payment.

What is Coinpot for?

We previously made it clear that its main functionality is to store what we win in the taps for coinpot, but you may have these two questions why is coinpot necessary? y Do the faucets for coinpot not have the possibility of paying to a regular wallet?, are 2 very normal questions that you can have and here are those answers that in fact is only 1.

For the most part, the wallets do not have the possibility of sending several such small payments, or it could take time for the balance to be reflected by internal blockchain data.

That is why Coinpot was born, to be useful intermediary between these faucets and store the balance in a single in order to request a single withdrawal to our personal wallet.

Without mentioning the integration of other functionalities as useful as, among other things, your exchange, but I will explain all of this in detail below.

How does coinpot work?

In addition to serving as a microwallet to store the cryptocurrencies of the faucets that I told you about previously, within our interface we have the possibility of having a wide variety of functionalities very attractive that will allow us to increase our profits, in this way like many other things.

These would be all the functions that coinpot has, let's go on to argue how all of them work and how to get the highest benefit from it.


This is the part where we will arrive as soon as we enter our account. From this chapter we will have the possibility to see which are the cryptocurrencies that coinpot supports and also the different configurations that we will have the possibility of doing with each cryptocurrency.

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In the same way that we can query, in coinpot they admit 5 cryptocurrencies, which are:

  1. Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin Cash.
  3. Dogecoin
  4. Litecoin.
  5. Dash.

But a sixth cryptocurrency appears or explained in another way Token, which is known as Coinpot Token.

This is something very attractive, because through it we will have the possibility of increasing our profits even more, but I will explain that later. For now let's focus on the 5 cryptocurrencies that are.

Under each cryptocurrency the alternative appears View (The name of the cryptocurrency) summary, if we click on that alternative we will see the latest data for that particular cryptocurrency, such as the profit graph, or the latest deposits.

Next to the aforementioned alternative we will have the possibility of seeing an arrow, if we click on that arrow a menu will be displayed with the configurations that I show you in the following image.

We will observe that we have 5 configurations which would be:

  1. Deposit: Through this alternative we will obtain the address of that cryptocurrency to be able to get from some page to this microwallet.
  2. draw: This is where we will have the possibility to withdraw our coinpot earnings to our wallet.
  3. Convert: Remember that at the beginning of the article I told you that in coinpot you could transform cryptocurrencies?, since we are going to do it from this alternative. We have the possibility of transforming any of the cryptocurrencies that are shown in coinpot for another of the cryptocurrencies that are shown. and the unbeatable without charging us commission or fees.
  4. Mine: We can also mine the cryptocurrency of our selection in coinpot using the capacity of our PC. We have the possibility of mining in much more than one PC if we go to the alternative that says earn more We have the possibility of getting a link that, by putting it on another PC, the earnings that we mine will be saved directly in our account.
  5. View recent (The cryptocurrency of our choice) payouts: We will see the most recent payments you made to your individuals.


This part is where we will see all the updates that it carries out in this way as well as some notable novelties. The good thing is that when we have something new to read, an announcement will appear at the top.


Here we only have the possibility to carry out is to acquire tickets for a lottery that runs every hour. To be able to buy them we will use the coinpot tokens, and it would be 1 Ticket for 1 Coinpot Token.

We can also check how many tickets we have bought, in this way as our possibility of winning, in addition to the total fund that is in the lottery.

In total they give 6 winners, the first one transports 50% of the tokens wagered and the other 5 take 10% each.


In this alternative we also have the possibility of betting the coinpot tokens but in a different way. This time we see a multiplier, which is very similar to the one on many pages. Here we would only have to choose if we play by high or low, bone, by prominent or low.

In relation to what comes out we have the possibility of winning or losing. We also have the possibility of changing the win, that is, the possibility that we win and it goes from x2 up to x1000. But remember, the more winnings, the less chance of winning. If you decide to play be cautious.


And finally we come to the most recent alternative of the menu that we have in coinpot, but not because it is the most recent it is the least considerable, but quite the opposite, It is within the configurations that we have the possibility of getting the most benefit from.. Because whenever we complete some challenges we will earn coinpot tokens and also stars.

Here we see a wide variety of challenges. Which are divided into numerous types:

  • Claims that we make in the faucets.
  • Claims from our referrals.
  • Various challenges in relation to lottery tickets.
  • Several challenges in relation to the multiplier.
  • Convert cryptocurrencies.
  • Stars earned.
  • Mining Coinpot Tokens, that is, mined tokens.
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As you can see there are several types of challenges, and in parallel all these challenges are divided into three types:

  1. Diaries: We have the possibility of completing them every day.
  2. Monthly: We only have the possibility to fill them 1 time each month.
  3. All time: we only have the possibility to fill them once.

At the same time, each purpose that is difficult to fulfill, regardless of whether it is periodic, monthly or all at once, has 5 scenarios, in which the rewards will increase for each stage.

At this moment that I have already taught you what the types of challenges are, how often we have the possibility of filling them, and their scenarios, let's get to know what profits we have the possibility of achieving.

In the same way that you can observe, at each level we will win 1 star and 100 coinpot tokens, that is, by completing a level 1 goal that is difficult to fulfill, we will earn 1 star and 100 tokens, and by completing a level 2 goal that is difficult to fulfill, we will earn 2 stars and 200 tokens, and so on.

The stars we earn are used for at the end of each month, the 25 individuals who have earned the most stars are rewarded with more tokens. taking away first place 10.000.000 coinpot tokens, which have the possibility of exchanging for some cryptocurrency and in exchange are well over $250.

Coinpot Tokens

We have already talked about coinpot tokens before and we have seen some utilities that we have the possibility of offering them, but something very considerable still needs to be understood, and that would be What are coinpot tokens? y How to earn coinpot tokens?.

Coinpot tokens are a kind of currency that coinpot adds, and these tokens have a very similar menu to other cryptocurrencies.

We can check that they distribute the Convert and mine configurations, only this time it is added to play the lottery and the multiplier.

Automatically we will win 3 coinpot tokens for each claim that we make in any of the coinpot faucets, and we will win 1 coinpot token for each claim of our referrals.

We have the possibility of using these coinpot tokens to convert them for some other cryptocurrency and in this way be able to get even more accelerated. As you can see these tokens in coinpot add a very strong addition to this microwallet.

How to put in Coinpot?

It should be noted that what I am going to argue now does not interfere with coinpot faucets. To be able to put coinpot first of all we must have the address of the cryptocurrency with which we have gone to put.

That address is clicking on the corresponding arrow and in the alternative that says deposit, we will see a small window.

We just have to click on generate deposit address and we are going to have the address to which to put coinpot. But a lot of caution with this, because there is a minimum amount that we must put, which are:

  • Bitcoin: The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC.
  • Bitcoin Cash: The minimum deposit is 0.01 BCH.
  • Dogecoins: The minimum deposit is 1000 Doge.
  • Litecoin: The minimum deposit is 0.01 LTC.
  • Dash: The minimum deposit is 0.02 Dash.

If they send an amount less than that then those cryptocurrencies will never arrive, I come back and repeat faucets that pay directly to coinpot are not within this minimum deposit.

Remember that Coinpot is a microwallet, so it should not be considered as a wallet to get from other pages.

Coinpot withdrawal methods and minimums

Coinpot does not have a minimum withdrawal by default, but will depend on which cryptocurrency we have gone to withdraw, because each cryptocurrency has a different minimum and means of withdrawals.

These are the procedures and minimum withdrawals of each cryptocurrency so you know how Coinpot pays:

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Bitcoin: The minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC.

It can be taken to:

  • Any wallet: It does not charge commission.
  • Mellow Ads: Does not charge commission.
  • Faucetfly: Charge a 1.5% commission.
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.
  • Faucet Panel: charges a 2% commission
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.
  • FaucetPay: charges a 1.5% commission
  • MicroWallet: charges a commission of 1.5%

Bitcoin Cash: The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BCH.

It can be taken to:

  • Any wallet: It does not charge commission.
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.
  • MicroWallet: charges a commission of 1.5%

Dogecoins: The minimum withdrawal is 100 Doges.

It can be taken to:

  • Any wallet: It does not charge commission.
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.
  • MicroWallet: charges a commission of 1.5%

Litecoin: The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 LTC.

It can be taken to:

  • Any wallet: It does not charge commission.
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.
  • MicroWallet: charges a commission of 1.5%

Dash: The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 Dash.

It can be taken to:

  • Any wallet: It does not charge commission.
  • Express crypto: Charge a 1% commission.

Precautions to take into account with Coinpot

In the same way that you could see, coinpot is a very considerable microwallet both for its faucets and for its performance itself. For which we must have numerous prudence so as not to lose our account.

Coinpot does not have any kind of official apk, that is why if they get to know any of them, what is truly certain is that they want to steal their data.

The use of bots to see the faucets is highly penalized, and they are getting to know it very quickly, so if you do not want to lose your account, I suggest that you do not try to use any type of bot, unless they themselves take out a coinpot bot make it official.

How to withdraw from coinpot?

To withdraw in coinpot the first thing we must do is choose the cryptocurrency that we have gone to want to withdraw. After we already know what cryptocurrency to get, we will go to the little arrow and select Withdraw.

At this time we only have to choose the procedure by which we have gone to get and enter the next data:

  • The address of that cryptocurrency.
  • The amount that we have gone to withdraw (If we are going to withdraw all the usable balance we choose maximum).
  • We enter our password.
  • We solve the captcha.
  • And we click Withdraw.

After that, a small window will appear to verify the amount that we are withdrawing.

Finally, we will receive a message to the email with which we register to re-verify the withdrawal.

And that would be all, the payment takes 48 hours to arrive, apart from being simple how to collect from coinpot, it also has a very good security.

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Does Coinpot Pay?

Currently Coinpot does not pay thanks to the fact that both coinpot and its associated faucets ceased to be operational.

Personal conclusion

Personally I have never had any problems and that I have been working with them for a long time, and that is always something that is valued when working with any kind of business.

And what we have the possibility of winning in coinpot with all the faucets and those plus accessories that it gives us is really good, and that taking into account that it is totally free.

That's why I think coinpot is credible, productive and safe. In fact, whenever something happens or some kind of change they always notify in their news part and it is interesting that they have that interaction with their individuals.

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Coinpot and its faucets close their doors

Unfortunately Coinpot and all its faucets will cease to be operational as of 31/01/2021. From that day for the moment it will not be possible to claim from any of the 7 faucets to which they are associated.

But we are going to be able to withdraw the profits that we have in Coinpot until 28/02/2021 in any of the cryptocurrencies that we have wanted to withdraw.

That is why, as you can see, both Coinpot and its faucets were a huge family and they will continue to be until the last moment of its definitive closure, giving all its individuals the possibility of withdrawing all the cryptocurrencies that we have accumulated.

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