How to fix the sound in Zoom if it disappears

How to fix the sound in Zoom if it disappears.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing and seminar platform. The software ensures stable communication between people, even if they are hundreds of kilometers apart. However, sometimes users have problems, for example, the sound in Zoom disappears. This can be due to several reasons: a technical failure of the program itself or a problem with the computer or laptop. Audio problems in zoom can be fixed in different ways, the main thing is to find out what is causing the problem.

I have sound, but it turns off, stuttering and stuttering

Sound problems on the Zoom are of various types. They depend on the user's hardware, peripherals, and partners. There are typical problems whose causes are identical on all devices. If the communication is poor, there is no audibility, there are probably problems:

  • Incorrect application settings.
  • Incorrect configuration of the audio device.
  • Problems with the interlocutor's microphone.

The Zoom system uses an automatic echo cancellation system. But if an echo occurs, it means the system is failing. If the sound is delayed, disappears, in Zoom the sound stutters intermittently, the possible problem could be insufficient internet speed to organize a video conference or webinar. Other reasons: hardware malfunction (other programs and apps are running and taking up system resources), app settings failure, Zoom glitches.

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Background noise is caused by computer or laptop fans running hard, constant noise, device glitches.

In any case, you have to solve the problem. But it's easier to do this if you know exactly what kind of problems occurred during the Zoom conference with sound. The solution algorithm will be different.

What to do to fix the sound in the conference

If hearing is impaired during a conference, the following steps should be followed

  • Check the audio volume controls in the settings.
  • Check that all devices on the computer are properly connected.
  • Powers the unit on and off, restarting the unit.
  • You can change the microphone sensitivity level in the system settings.

If an echo effect occurs, lowering the volume on your speakers may solve the problem. The microphone should be placed further away from the speakers as it may cause interference. In some cases, switching to headphones can help. You should check your system settings: the echo cancellation function must be activated.

There is no sound? The problem is usually fixed by changing the application settings. Is your call interrupted? There may be applications or programs running on your computer or phone that are taking up resources on your device, preventing you from connecting to the Internet and transferring data. You should check your network equipment and the speed of your connection to the global network. In some cases, the issue can be resolved by upgrading to a more powerful device or changing providers.

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Background noise interferes with a video conference or webinar. To reduce it, you have to find a quiet place, close the windows in the room. Place the microphone away from speakers and noise sources. Operating devices can cause interference, even if they are running silently (another computer, TV). The use of cameras and microphones built into devices and headphones can help.

Adjust sound volume in Zoom

If the sound is shaky, you can change it through the system settings. Below are instructions on how to mute or louden a Zoom conversation from a computer or mobile phone.

From a computer

If the sound is intermittent, lagging, or background noise is interfering with Zoom, you can fix or improve it on your computer or laptop through your browser.

Sound setting option is available for registered users. Check that the microphone and speakers are working properly before the start of the conference. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter the application with your account.
  • Go to the system configuration item.
  • Select the gear on the right side of the zoom window.
  • In the settings, there will be an item called “Sound”.
  • Here the volume and microphone levels (input and output level) are adjusted.
  • Move the sliders to the right or left to check if the equipment is working properly.
  • To save your changes, click the corresponding checkbox.

Ticket changes will take effect automatically by the host or by joining a new conference or webinar.

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From the phone.

Setting up sound in Zoom on your phone is easy. If you hear noise in the conference, the sound itself is quiet, there is a delay, all this is checked in the corresponding settings. Action algorithm:

  • Access Zoom with an account from your mobile phone.
  • Click on the settings.
  • See the point «Sound».
  • Click on it.
  • Move the sliders left and right to select the input and output volume.

From a mobile phone in any program, tablet check how the microphone or speakers work. Press the «Test» key, which is in the configuration items.

Sound setup takes about 1-2 minutes, if you do it right. But unfortunately, they don't always end well. But sometimes you have to change the team.

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